ANOTHER Big Company Announces Move to Red Virginia


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Just weeks after aerospace juggernaut Boeing announced plans to move its headquarters to Virginia, defense contractor Raytheon Technologies is now also making the move.

This is another win for the Commonwealth under Governor Glenn Youngkin‘s administration.

WTOP News reports:

Big defense contractor Raytheon Technologies will relocate its corporate headquarters from Waltham, Massachusetts, to Arlington, Virginia, joining other defense contractors moving closer to the government agencies they do business with.

Raytheon makes everything from Patriot missiles to Pratt & Whitney jet engines.

The new headquarters will be in Rosslyn, where Raytheon currently has its Intelligence and Space business. Raytheon has several operations in Virginia already.

There are no financial incentives from any state or municipality associated with Raytheon’s decision to relocate its global headquarters to Arlington.

The move will take place in the third quarter of this year.

Raytheon currently has about 3,500 employees in the D.C. region.

“The location increases agility in supporting U.S. government and commercial aerospace customers and serves to reinforce partnerships that will progress innovative technologies to advance the industry. Washington, D.C. serves as a convenient travel hub for the company’s global customers and employees,” Raytheon said in a statement.

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