Leaked Audio Reveals Teachers RECRUITING Kids to Secret LGBT Clubs

Leaked audio from a recent California Teachers Association (CTA) conference in Palm Springs, California gives a look into how two teachers are recruiting young students to join LGBT clubs in schools. Obtained by The Epoch Times, the audio reveals seventh-grade teachers Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira from a Salinas, California middle school also mocking parents […]

Build Back BROKE-R: Here’s What The Dems’ Socialist Bill Really Costs YOU

The Democrats’ long-awaited (or dreaded) “Build Back Better” bill passed the House along party lines Friday after a long fight against the bill from Republicans. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke on the House floor for eight hours yesterday attempting to postpone the vote, but the Democrats got their chance Friday. The only Democrat […]

DeSantis SCHOOLS Reporter, Gives a Lesson on Basic U.S. Civics

“It’s the UNITED STATES of America, not the united school boards of America … What Biden is doing is unconstitutional. There has never been a federal vaccine imposed on the general public.” In response to a question from a reporter regarding his decision to block Biden’s vaccine mandate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went OFF on […]

WATCH: Jonathan Turley Explains Why Rittenhouse Jury Hasn’t Reached a Verdict

George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley says that, despite a number of reports suggesting otherwise, the long wait of the jury’s verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial should not necessarily be a cause for concern. In a visit with Tucker Carlson Thursday night, Turley, an experienced legal expert, discussed some of the theories floating […]

BREAKING: Person Who Stalked a Juror Home from Rittenhouse Trial is an MSM Journalist!?

In a BOMBSHELL development, early reports are suggesting that a person recently caught following a Rittenhouse trial juror to their doorstep is a member of the mainstream media. The journalist is suspected to be from MSNBC, according to sources. Townhall Media’s Julio Rosas reported that, in response, Judge Bruce Schroeder has thrown MSNBC out of […]

WATCH: Clueless AOC Embarrasses Herself in New Video About Pipelines

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) isn’t exactly known for her eloquent explanations on policy, and in a new video posted to social media, she reminded everyone. Discussing her opposition to the Line 3 pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline, AOC suggests that these routes are exporting U.S. oil. However, both lines are primarily used to import […]

Michigan Ammo Store Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” 50-Caliber Casings

A Novi-based ammo store, Fenix Ammunition, has released a $25 .50-caliber casing with “Let’s Go Branson” etched into the side. Let’s Go Brandon has become a popular coded saying in America, meaning “F*** Joe Biden.” The company only made 150 rounds for limited-time sale. Here is what the casing looks like: Fenix Ammunition’s CEO Justin […]

Bombshell Whistleblower Docs Prove FBI is Using ‘Counterterrorism’ to INVESTIGATE Parents (READ HERE)

In an explosive release Tuesday, the GOP House Judiciary committee shared a statement suggesting that a whistleblower’s admissions prove the FBI is using ‘counterterrorism tools’ to investigate parents for ‘domestic terrorism.’ Previously, the suggestion had been denied by Attorney General Merrick Garland, who insisted that the DOJ and FBI were NOT investigating parents considered unruly […]