Armed ANTIFA Members Defend Texas Drag Queen Event with Children Present


antifa leftists defend drag queen show in texas
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A group of ANTIFA members showed up to a drag queen event in Roanoke, TX on Saturday. Carrying AR-15 rifles and wearing transgender pride flag patches, they created a perimeter around the event to defend it from “fascists.”

“Fascists” in this case was a group of conservatives and Christians who have an issue with the sexualization of children. 

The “family-friendly” drag show was held at Anderson Distillery & Grill. Adults in skimpy outfits performed for the crowd, with children handing the drag queens money in a stripper-like fashion. 

Video was shot by independent journalist Taylor Hansen and Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales

Many of the members of the group are part of the “John Brown Gun Club,” which is a leftist militia organization with ties to domestic terrorism. The group operating in north Texas is the “Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club.” The group is led by Christopher Guillott, a prominent far-left member. 

Messages posted to the gun club described conservatives and Christians as “fascists” who were “causing violence.”

Journalist Andy Ngo originally reported on the event. He created a deep dive look into the background of this group operating in Texas in a recent Twitter thread.

Roanoke, TX is considered a conservative suburb of the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area, voting 2-to-1 in favor of Donald Trump in 2020.

Last summer, ANTIFA members attacked anti-pedophile protestors at a women’s spa where a man exposed his male genitalia.

2 Responses

  1. Every parent who allows their children to be used for this disgusting display, should have their taken from them. They need mental health treatment ASAP.

  2. This is so sick and evil!
    Innocent children being exposed to garbage, wake up parents; citizens don’t sit by and “say nothing” rather speak up 🇺🇲🙏

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