Is THIS the White House’s WORST LIE Yet?


biden press secretary comments on best economy
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Biden’s press secretary took to the White House podium to launch a defense of Joe Biden’s economy on Thursday. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, who was recently promoted after the resignation of Jen Psaki, said the economy of the United States is actually stronger than ever before. 

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“…when you look at where we are economically…we are stronger economically than we have been in history…when you look at the unemployment numbers…when you look at the jobs numbers…”

Earlier this month, Jean-Pierre embarrassed herself after being asked a simple question on inflation

The press secretary also famously fumbled the ball when asked about whether the Biden administration was considering cash payouts to illegal immigrants. According to the Daily Wire, she outright refused to answer questions on the subject, saying she could not “speak to this from here” and that [Fox News journalist] Doocy would need to “ask the Department of Justice.”

Jean-Pierre officially took the job of Biden’s press secretary in early May of 2022. 

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