BREAKING: Democratic Congressman Had Restraining Order Against Him… By His Own Mother


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The Rogue Review has a BREAKING and EXCLUSIVE investigatory piece.

Congressman Harley Rouda, who is the current Representative from California’s 48th Congressional District has a restraining order against him that was filed by his mother in 2011, which we here at the Rogue Review were able to obtain.

According to newly obtained court documents, in November 2011 Marlese N. Rouda was granted a restraining order against her son, Democrat Congressman Harley Rouda of California.

An excerpt from the restraining order reads:

“From directly or indirectly harassing, annoying, interfering with, harassing by telephone, assaulting or doing bodily harm to Defendant, Marlese N. Rouda, at her residence (5737 Barry Trace Court, Dublin, Ohio 43017) or elsewhere including, but not limited to, 1093 Fishinger Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221.”

The restraining order was filed against Harley E. Rouda when he was forty-nine years old, signed by Judge Gill of the Court of Common Pleas of Franklin County, Ohio, Division of Domestic Relations, on November 4, 2011.

Rouda, who is currently running for re-election in one of the nation’s most hotly-contested Congressional Districts, has frequently been criticized for his mistreatment of women and minority groups, including the firing of a female employee in 2006 who was on medical leave while she was going through cancer treatments.

Sources also indicate that Rouda hired Victor Valladares, who earlier this year was facing serious sexual assault and physical abuse charges against him by the mother of his children, Breannia Lalama. The hiring of Valladares, who has been accused of physically abusing his wife and of other violent criminal charges, raised some eyebrows when he was hired to track and follow Rouda’s Republican challenger, Chairwoman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Michelle Steel.

Victor Valladares is the former Vice-Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party, and earlier this year, it was reported that he was removed from his leadership position because of his criticism of the local party. According to sources, who have refused to go on record out of fear of retribution from Orange County Democratic leaders, Victor Valladares was removed from his leadership position, not because of his criticisms of the party, but because of his serious and violent criminal charges and known convictions including two DUI’s and failure to pay child support. 

We reached out to the Rouda campaign to ask about the hiring of an alleged domestic-abuser to track and follow his female opponent. The Rouda campaign did not return a comment.

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Pictured: Harley Rouda with Victor Valladares

According to FEC Records, Rouda received $4,000,000 from Mike Bloomberg in 2018 and later endorsed Mike Bloomberg for President.

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