BREAKING: House Democrats Launch SCOTUS Expansion Push


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House Democrats are now publicly calling to radically expand the Supreme Court and add as many as four new justices to the bench.

Leading the charge is Hank Johnson, a Democrat House member who once claimed the island of Guam might tip over into the ocean.

Johnson’s campaign site officially states his plans to expand the court with the Judiciary Act, a bill now in the works:

Congressman Hank Johnson’s plan to reform our courts, ensure justice & accountability, restore trust:

  • The Judiciary Act: Expands SCOTUS to make it more responsive to our growing country
  • The Supreme Court Ethics Act: Requires justices follow a code of ethics”

Yesterday, Newsmax also reported that Rep. Johnson and other Democrats have now taken steps to begin their push to add more far-left judges to the Supreme Court:

Claiming “basic freedoms are under assault” from the “ultra right-wing” branch of the Supreme Court that recently reversed Roe v. Wade, a group of eight House Democrats called for legislation Monday that would create four new seats on the high court, The Hill reports.

Citing recent court decisions that allowed prayer in school athletics and tossed a New York gun control law, as well as the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that overturned Roe’s federally established right to abortion, the lawmakers said the court’s current makeup demonstrates the need for new justices.

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat and the primary sponsor of the 2021 Judiciary Act, told The Hill that the court, as it stands now, is “a Supreme Court at crisis with itself and with our democracy,” where “basic freedoms are under assault” from the 6-3 conservative majority.

3 Responses

  1. Representative Johnson is clearly in need of a cognizance examination. The man is mentally handicapped, and the DNC should usher him into a mental medical facility rather than allow him to ‘function’ (???) in Congress. He is widely known as the “Dumbest Member of Congress” by both Parties. Johnson isn’t capable of authoring this move. The DNC hierarchy obviously initiated this movement to denigrate the filibuster rule that has honorably & successfully served both of our political parties well for over two hundred years. The Left’s ideology is stalled and they want the rules changed. I vehemently oppose this nefarious move!

  2. Johnson is a true left wing radical, and a nasty one at that.

    This packing of the court will not happen.

    The Red Wave is coming!

  3. If the Supreme Court chances every time someone disagrees, several things would happen . Men and women justices will be vilified and the court would end up with 9x9x9x9 justices and never stop growing! Accept their honesty and integrity !!!

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