BREAKING: Tucker Has Been Offered A MASSIVE Megamillion-Dollar Deal. Here’s The Offer Letter.


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Tucker Carlson could be back on the air soon – and despite his ousting from Fox News, the cable news legend’s price tag has only gone up.

Patrick Bet-David, the CEO of Valuetainment, a ‘new media’ conservative outlet, announced his intent to offer Carlson a whopping $100 million, five-year contract Tuesday in a tweet.

The offer reads:

Dear Tucker,

I’ll get right to the point.

We want you to partner with us in what we feel is a noble and necessary effort to define the future of media.

Here’s our offer:
– $100M over 5 years.
– An equity stake in Valuetainment
– President of Valuetainment and a board seat to project your strategic vision and voice.
– Your own podcast(s) and other daily/weekly shows.
– Documentaries and movies covering topics you care about.
– What else? We are all ears.

Our convictions about freedom, liberty, and truth run deep and we believe we are the absolute right fit for you and America.

While we may not be the biggest media company, we are a new media leader driving into the future to make truth, fair debate, and commentary more accessible, consumable, and protected.
We are 100% serious about our offer.

Patrick Bet-David

Bet-David reportedly first divulged plans to offer Carlson a megamillion deal on The Megyn Kelly show today.

Kelly tweeted out her support for the potential match between Carlson and Valuetainment.

The offer comes just hours after Media Matters leaked more footage of Carlson between segments, showing the host joking around with colleagues and even ripping the very media network that is supposedly “exposing” him.

Conservatives have overwhelmingly supported Carlson and laughed along with him in the wake of the leaks.

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