CDC Announces Concerns Regarding Link Between Heart Problems and COVID Vax


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Doctors offered reassurance Tuesday following several dozen reports of mostly mild heart problems after Covid-19 vaccinations, but suggested recipients and their families pay close attention to possible symptoms, such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

The heart problem, called myocarditis, is being investigated as being a possible link to COVID vaccines although the link remains unclear. Last week the CDC’s vaccine safety group announced they were investigating “relatively few reports” of the condition in vaccinated people. It is primarily teens and young adults being affected by the condition. The CDC did not give an exact number of reported cases although NBC News has identified “at least 55 cases.”

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According to NBC News the number includes 14 cases being investigated by the Department of Defense among members of the military. The Connecticut Department of Public Health says that there are 18 reported cases in teenagers and young adults in that state alone.

Seven cases have been reported to the New York State Department of Health, three cases are under investigation in Idaho, and six have been reported in Oregon. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has received four reports. According to the CDC the cases are more common in males than females.

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