CLIP: Youngkin on the Future of the GOP


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Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin joined CBS News’ Face the Nation Sunday to discuss his future plans and his vision for the party he represents.

When asked about the future of the Republican Party, Youngkin gave the audience an incredibly inclusive response. Since his campaign for governor, Youngkin has remained famously neutral with certain political sects, avoiding in-fighting completely. Watch Youngkin discuss his vision for the GOP:

Youngkin has recently been the subject of rumors surrounding his potential run for President in 2024. So far, the Governor has not given a response regarding his plans.

3 Responses

  1. I would very much like our state and country be on the Independent path where all of the people and needs are represented. We have made progress to hold corrupt, violent and lying law enforcement accountable for their inappropriate actions and should not return to a system that does not weed out those in uniform that act in a criminal manner and innocent citizens are charged and wrongly convicted. This hurts society and doesn’t represent their role as law enforcement officers when they act in a criminal manner. Find the middle ground v. Swinging far right or far left using facts, wants and needs of the varied population of our state.

  2. I would like it if Glenn Youngkin stuck around long enough to get Virginia back on the GOP track of governance like we used to be. Conservative principles, reasonable taxes, growth orientated, and very much behind our law enforcement. After that I believe he has the makings of a great President if he so chooses.

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