COURT DOCS: Dem ‘Darling’ Katie Porter – Running For Senate In California – Poured BOILING POTATOES On Husband’s Head, Snapped At Kids, & Had Rage-Filled Mental Breakdowns (DETAILS)


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Court documents from California Rep. Katie Porter’s divorce in 2013 have resurfaced in the Daily Mail, exposing wild allegations made against Porter by her former husband, Matthew Hoffman.

Porter, who is now running to fill the seat of soon-to-be-retired Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), commandeered a chaotic household with an iron fist, allegedly abusing her husband and children all while rising to stardom in the Democrat Party.

The court documents resurfaced just hours after Porter’s new memoir was released on Tuesday.

The Daily Mail’s report goes into great detail about Porter’s alleged abuses, which include pouring scalding hot mashed potatoes over her husband’s head, screaming at her young children, and lashing out at her husband with psychotic remarks:

But after reports claimed she used abusive language toward staff, her divorce documents have resurfaced to

They tell the story of a messy and dramatic ending to the congresswoman’s marriage that left her one of Capitol Hill’s rare single moms raising school-age children.

On March 20, 2013, Porter and then-husband Matthew Hoffman filed for divorce but decided they would continue to live in the same home for the sake of their three children.

But from there, the relationship deteriorated – with Porter and Hoffman filing restraining orders against each other and alleging abuse. Old incidents came to light in divorce filings, with Hoffman alleging Porter dumped a bowl of steaming hot boiled potatoes on his head.

From 2009 on, Porter was the sole breadwinner, and Hoffman stayed home with the kids. Hoffman insisted that Porter was prone to ‘extreme anger’ and had a ‘history of snapping and screaming at [him] and the children,’ and would ‘claw and scratch her arms’ while blaming him for the markings.

Hoffman said Porter frequently said things like ‘you f***ing idiot!’ and ‘you’re f***ing incompetent.’ ‘She would not let me have a cell phone because she said, ‘you’re too f***ing dumb to operate it,” Hoffman said.

No confirmed photos of Porter’s ex-husband are in circulation.  

Porter said in divorce documents that their marriage had been ‘troubled’ for four years leading to divorce, but her husband had ‘not acted violently’ other than one incident years earlier where Hoffman punched a wall until she began the process of leaving him. In a filing, Porter said she and Hoffman had attended anger management classes together in 2009.

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But in another instance, Hoffman said that in 2012 Porter came home from work one day enraged that the house was not clean and slammed a glass coffee pot on the counter, causing glass shards to spray everywhere and cut him. 

‘This house is a mess! You f***ing slob! You’re incompetent! What the f*** do you do all day!’ Porter allegedly said while the three kids were nearby in the living room. Hoffman said Porter began picking up dishes and saying, ‘Look how f***ing dirty this is.’

In the Spring of 2006, Hoffman said Porter came into the kitchen as he was making mashed potatoes for dinner. As their oldest child Luke sat in the highchair, Porter looked at the potatoes in a ceramic bowl and yelled ‘Can’t you read the f***ing instructions!’

‘She then took the ceramic bowl of steaming hot potatoes and dumped it on my head, burning my scalp,’ Hoffman said.

Here are some of the specific instances of Porter’s outbursts in excerpts pulled from screenshots of divorce documents obtained by the Daily Mail:

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