COVID COVER-UP: The Pandemic Engineered by the Chinese Communist Party


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The official ruling dictatorship of China is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which has absolute control over and disregard for the lives of its citizens.  But the CCP is controlling far more than China right now—in fact, they are controlling the world.  Just how did they do that?  By engineering a global pandemic and encouraging their puppets, cooperators, and sympathizers in the political, media, and business spheres to play up the hysteria over the pandemic.  Yes, there really is proof of all this.

Firstly, it is almost certain (due to a great deal of credible evidence) that the particular strain of COVID now afflicting us was developed in a lab in Wuhan, China.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated at the beginning of May that, according to a “significant amount of evidence… this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.”  Pompeo also referred to former incidents where very harmful diseases and viruses resulted from the failures of Chinese labs.  Independent Science News also pointed out on June 2 that most bat coronaviruses (and COVID originates in bats) cannot be caught by humans—unless there is at least one intermediary animal.  Therefore, either there was an intermediary animal or the strain was engineered by humans.  And the fact that the city of Wuhan is the world center for lab research on bat coronaviruses seems just a little bit suspicious.  So the common sense diagnosis seems the same as the opinion of the intelligence community—the Wuhan virus did in fact originate from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Another troubling factor, which is also supported by a good deal of evidence, is that the paper masks we Americans have to wear in order to go almost anywhere now (because the all-knowing Dr. Fauci, who recently sat in the stands for a baseball game without a mask over his face, has contradicted the overwhelming consensus of the rest of the medical community to tell us this) were almost certainly made by Uighur slaves in China.  As Frank Gaffney said on Breitbart News Daily recently, the Chinese province where the paper masks the US buys are made (why we are still trusting the country that created this problem to make masks to protect us against it seems strange) is the province where thousands of Uighur Muslims have been interned in forced labor camps as part of a program of religious persecution on the part of the CCP.  Some sources have indicated that the masks are produced through this forced labor.  So, if you wear a paper mask, you are probably wearing something produced as a result of slave labor and religious persecution—which is greatly benefitting the CCP.

But while all that may still involve a little bit of speculation, here’s a fact that is certainly verifiable.  In October 2019, Chinese Communist officials and representatives met with important globalists and influential Americans to discuss how they might use a global pandemic to change the world.  One of the topics under discussion, for instance, was how this situation might benefit Bill Gates and a vaccine developed by him.  Yes, the CCP, globalists, and certain Americans actually got together to discuss the possibility of a global pandemic and how this pandemic could be utilized and manipulated to advance their devious plans—way back in October 2019 (Frank Gaffney, Breitbart News Daily, 7/22/20).  It seems that the Chinese Communists even then were aware that a pandemic was on the horizon, which seems odd at that time unless the CCP was actually developing a new strand of COVID in a lab.  And certain Americans and globalists were aware that a pandemic could occur in the near future and they were prepared to use that pandemic for their own personal and ideological benefit.  In any case, whether these people knew for certain that this particular pandemic would occur right now, they were fully prepared for such a pandemic and fully prepared also to take advantage of it and manipulate it for certain consequences and benefits.  It must also be remembered that a number of the deadliest pandemics which affected countries worldwide in the last century came from China too—such as SARS and the Asian flu.  Why should we doubt that this one also originated in China—and in a Wuhan lab at that?

The Chinese economy is the only major economy in the world right now that is not crashing.  The Chinese, in fact, are shipping out more articles such as masks and medicines than ever.  The worldwide media and politicians are not blaming China in the least for the virus—in fact, Nancy Pelosi recently called COVID-19 the “Trump virus.”  Incompetent Democrat governors responsible for thousands of deaths because of their mismanagement of nursing homes are conveniently shouldering all the blame on Trump, too.  Italy is allowing visitors from China but not tourists from America—because of course, the Wuhan virus debacle in Italy had nothing to do with the 100,000 Chinese traveling constantly from Wuhan into northern Italy during the height of the pandemic that originated in Wuhan itself.  It apparently had everything to do with American tourists.  All the big institutions (academia, entertainment, government, tech, etc.) are trying to whip up ever more hysteria—they are using falsified numbers, ignoring and persecuting the dissenting voices of numerous doctors and medical experts, removing any information from social media that contradicts their narrative, setting up hotlines for self-righteous back-stabbers to report anyone not conforming perfectly to the arbitrary rules, arresting those said non-conformists… and the list goes on and on.

And behind all of these disasters, while people die in nursing homes, while suicides, deaths from depression and heartbreak-related causes, mortalities from an inability to obtain elective surgeries, hunger, unemployment, domestic abuse, violence among young people, drug abuse, depression, and other evils are steeply and constantly on the rise… the CCP is succeeding beautifully and getting off scot-free.  The CCP’s plan has succeeded so incredibly and magnificently that even they, and their allies of other nationalities, must be a little astonished.  The Chinese Communists, the globalists, and the traitorous Americans engineered it perfectly—the Wuhan virus pandemic surely has changed the world, and unless we stop the hysteria soon, it will be far too late ever to come back again.  And the Chinese will control the world.

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