THOMAS: West Point-Educated Colonel Pulls Back Veil On Ukraine War

Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with President Trump was insanely popular, and also not the most important interview Carlson released this week. That honor belongs to his interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Here’s why. The one belief still holding Right and Left Americans together is the idea that we represent a special brand of decency as […]

The Power of Words: We Must Win the Language War or Marxists Control Our Minds

Column | Washington’s Bayonette The language war is one of the most important battles we can fight in America today.  Some people might scoff at that, but it’s true.  Why?  Because the words we use shape how we think.  A tyrant might be able to control the actions of people, but a propagandist has the power to control the minds of people.  Many of […]

LGBT: The Three Lies That Started It All

Opinion Column “We’re coming for your children.” – LGBT Pride Marchers in NYC, June 23, 2023 With another “pride” month consigned to the trash heap of history, it’s very much worth looking at the lies that started it all. Years ago, supporters of the LGBT movement based their lobbying on three main falsehoods. These were: […]

World Leaders Flock To China As US Weakens And CCP Steps Up Military Activity

The genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stepping up its military activity, and its aggression toward the U.S.  This comes as the Biden administration panders pathetically to the CCP and oversees disasters both at home and abroad.  Meanwhile, world leaders are flocking to China as the CCP seems likely to supersede U.S. as the primary global power.  I […]

Why Hunter Biden’s Crimes Matter And Republicans Should Be Celebrating

Joe Biden’s son has now pled guilty to two counts of willful failure to pay his taxes and has all but acknowledged his guilt in a felony gun crime, having chosen to enter a pretrial diversion program to aid in securing a better deal with prosecutors. Republicans are reacting to this as one would expect […]

EXCLUSIVE: New Twitter CEO Helped Write WEF Paper That Praised Murderous Chinese Communist Party (DETAILS)

Column | Washington’s Bayonette EXCLUSIVE: Like owner, like CEO.  Elon Musk’s new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, seems to agree with him on the wonders and successes of the genocidal and dictatorial Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Yaccarino contributed to an April 2020 White Paper praising China’s “values-driven” attempt to exercise more government control over Chinese media.  The white paper even […]

US Helped Russia Commit Another Holodomor-Like Massacre In Ukraine

Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Ukraine devasted and a hundred thousand or more of its people dead. One cannot but recall the Holodomor massacre the Russian Soviets carried out against the Ukrainians in the 20th century.  Only this time, the U.S. helped Russia to commit the massacre of […]