Stop Dancing Around Reality; Ilhan Omar is an Anti-Semite


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By Baylor Cook, Conservative Columnist

House Democrats put their cowardice on full display yesterday, as they let a freshman member of their party off the hook for blatant, repeated anti-Semitism.

The House passed a resolution 407-23 condemning Anti-Semitism and other bigotry, but nowhere in the legislation was the name of the person who caused a need for the legislation. The name of the anti-semite, Representative Ilhan Omar, was nowhere in the legislation. Had a Republican been to blame, rest assured that Democrats would have shouted their name until every single media outlet heard it and broadcasted it. But, when it’s a member of the Democratic party, all we get is silence.

The resolution followed suit with the House’s move to censure Republican Rep. Steve King, following his own blatantly racist comments. Again, instead of addressing the problem head on, incompetent politicians chose to dance around the real subject and let a hateful coward continue her behavior, which is unbecoming of a decent human being, let alone a sitting Representative in the United States House of Representatives.

When asked directly about Ilhan Omar and her involvement in a need for this resolution, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she believes Omar is, “not anti-Semitic,” and rather doesn’t “understand her words.”

This is just utter nonsense. There’s an old saying that says, once is a mistake, twice is choice, more than twice is a conscious belief. Rep. Ilhan Omar has said anti-Semitic things over and over again, throughout her entire career. She has even been confronted by Jewish leaders about her anti-Semitic rhetoric, but nevertheless she persisted. Why, you ask? Because she knows exactly what she is saying, she means it, and she believes it.

My question is, when are we going to stop treating a 37-year-old politician like she’s a toddler? Speaker Pelosi, give me a break; we both know Omar knows exactly what she is saying. You are just afraid of the backlash that will come from your own party if you condemn it. You are afraid to go against the left’s new intellectual titan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I will say, I disagree with Rep. Dianne Feinstein on nearly everything, but at least she has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the Democratic Party’s new thought police when something is objectively nonsensical.

Ilhan Omar is a bigot, and a blatant Anti-Semite, who knows exactly what she’s saying. Is it too much to ask politicians to put politics aside for once and set an example for our nation, saying we will not stand for blatant hatred? Right now, you are watching the Democratic Party embrace hatred and anti-semitism… so much for the party of inclusion, right?

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