Dems Despair as Sinema, Moderates Break with Party Brass on Minimum Wage


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Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema sparked outrage over the weekend after going against the radical deity in her party, Bernie Sanders, and his attempt to nationalize the minimum wage at $15.00 an hour.

The junior Senator sided with 44 Republicans on Friday when she voted against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ amendment to President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that would have increased the minimum wage across the country to $15.00 an hour, a goal long championed by leftist Bernie Sanders and his socialist allies. 

Senator Sinema joined the Senate in January of 2019, gaining a reputation as a “moderate” compared to her more liberal colleagues. She has voted against a number of the far-left liberal policies Democratic brass has attempted to implement.

Sinema released the following statement regarding her vote on Twitter:

Sinema stood on the floor of the Senate and showed two thumbs down raising the ire of fellow Democrat and leftist-allies of Bernie Sanders. The reaction from her Democratic colleagues were almost immediate as they took to twitter to voice their displeasure about her vote. 

“Did Sinema really have to vote against a $15 minimum wage for 24 million people like this,” tweeted Julián Castro’s Senior Advisor and Communications Director, Sawyer Hackett. 

Despite her vote against the minimum wage, Sinema has substantial liberal credentials, including a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood, a 77 percent rating from the League of Conservation Voters, and a 69 percent grade from the ACLU. 

“Maybe even more offensive than @KyrstenSinema’s enthusiastic **thumbs down** to raising waging for workers was how she buddies up to Mitch McConnell right before she does it and makes sure he sees her,” the Tennesse Holler wrote.

The vote for the amendment failed in a 48-52 vote with seven Democrats voting against it along with one Independent Senator. 

The vote for the full rescue passage passed, and the COVID-19 relief bill goes to the House of Representatives sometime this week for final approval.

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