Deranged Leftists Want Trump Removed From Disney’s “Hall of Presidents”


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The continued battle cry of TDS-infected leftists grows stronger by the day and seeps into new areas of our lives.

And if you thought the fact that President Trump was being digitally erased from Home Alone 2 was bonkers… well we’ve got that beat. According to Orlando Weekly, several theme park bloggers and a radical LGBT rights group are actively calling for Trump’s animatronic to be removed from the “Hall of Presidents” exhibit in Liberty Square.

Since Trump’s addition to the “Hall of Presidents”, leftist goons have become so triggered that Disney has to staff three security guards at all times and even affixed metal spikes around Trump to deter people from jumping out and attacking the animatronic.

While they have lobbied Disney to have it removed since it was installed, they are now frothing at the mouth as we reach the final days of Trump’s presidency and after the erasure of President Trump and his supporters from digital media platforms.

Themed entertainment designer and former Disney cast member Patrick Kling cut the chase with a tweet stating, “Every day that goes by that Trump is normalized in the Hall of Presidents is a disgrace to the Walt Disney company. Spare us your statements and close the Hall of Presidents.”

Jonathan Lovitz, a rabid leftist LGBT activist joined the pile on as well.

In response to a statement posted by Disney condemning the DC attack, Jonathan D. Lovitz, Senior Vice President at the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, stated, “Remove him from the Hall of Presidents or don’t waste our time.”

And the hatred for President Trump is so great that many are even advocating to remove the attraction in its entirety. Disney has not yet made a decision either way. However, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the pro-illegal immigrant open borders Hamilton star, is reportedly in talks with Disney to “reimagine” Liberty Square where the “Hall of Presidents” is located.

One can only imagine what anarcho-leftist fever dream “re-imagining” of America Miranda would come up with.

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  1. “However, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the pro-illegal immigrant open borders Hamilton star,”


    You really are a dumbass aren’t you? You alt-White racist mother fuckers need to go find a private island to hump each other on! Just leave the children at home. I know that’s going to be tough since that’s what you all prefer.

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