DeSantis Launches Viral “Top Gov” Ad Attacking Corporate Media


top gov florida desantis ad
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched a new ad this week, a spinoff of the popular film Top Gun featuring Tom Cruise.

Casey DeSantis, the wife of Governor DeSantis, tweeted out the video on Monday evening. The video focuses on Gov. DeSantis’ record of battling the corporate media.  

DeSantis outlined three rules for engaging with the media. First, “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force”. Second, “Never back down from a fight.” Third, “Don’t accept their narrative.”

An airplane hanger was used in filming the ad, presumably on one of Florida’s air bases. Shots of DeSantis sparring with liberal media outlets were combined with shots of DeSantis dressed in a bomber jacket and flight suit. The ad wraps up with a shot of DeSantis carrying one of his sons who is also wearing a flight suit and Cruise-style aviator sunglasses. 

Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake responded to the video: 

Some suggest this may be part of an overall plan for a DeSantis presidential campaign in 2024. According to The Conservative Treehouse, the full video was broadcast into the national market via slots on both Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity broadcasts on Fox News. The writer suggests that this nearly guarantees a DeSantis 2024 run – presumably against Donald J. Trump. (Other sources have speculated that DeSantis may actually run with Trump).

6 Responses

  1. Love Gov. DeSantis and what he stands for, but please don’t run with Trump. Trump has too much baggage and he is not anywhere near the honesty and character that DeSantis has. Trump is a divider not uniter.

  2. President Trump did an amazing job as President, but he has a lot of baggage. He has not learned to soften his tone as appropriate or to not make fun of people. He has alienated too many people.
    If we are to save our country, we must have a candidate with less baggage.
    DeSantis has a sterling record and little baggage. He can punch, but it is less offensive. He needs to run with Tim Scott or Kristi Noem.
    Trump needs to live our country enough to step aside and just be the kingmaker.

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