European Election Highlights: Right-Wing, Populists Win Big, German Greens Surge


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By Jake Ruppert

The 2019 European Elections saw a rejuvenated right-centric populist movement sweep across the region, while Greens also made considerable gains. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party dominated in the UK, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally did just that in France, and Matteo Salvini’s far-right Italian party quadrupled its representation. Here’s a quick look at notable results across Europe.

GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s moderate coalition suffered a setback while the sustainability-focused Greens and right-wing made gains.

FRANCE: Emmanuel Macron, detested (29% approval) Pro-EU president of France, suffered a defeat to Marine Le Pen’s populist National Rally party, formally known as the National Front. Le Pen and the NF lost a narrow duel with Macron two years ago in France’s presidential election.

UNITED KINGDOM: British voters delivered Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party a staggering victory. Both Labour and Tory suffered losses.

Farage on the two party system:

“The two party system now serves nothing but itself. I think they are an obstruction to the modernising of politics… and we are going to take them on.” (BBC)

ITALY: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and his right-wing party quadrupled representation.

NETHERLANDS: Left-leaning centric voters made their voices known with a rather shocking victory while the right-wing populists failed to keep all four of their seats.

BELGIUM: While Greens surge in Brussels, the anti-immigrant, extremist right-wing party saw gains in Flanders.

SWEDEN: Despite populist gains, Social Democrats held strong.

FINLAND: Environmentalist Green League voters turned out in impressive numbers while populists remained static.

GREECE: The Grecian left-wing ruling party was embarrassed at the polls as conservatives impressed.

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