Fairfax School Board to CHALLENGE Youngkin’s Mask Ban


fairfax county school board 2022
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The Fairfax County School Board, which represents the state’s largest school system, is proving obstinate against Governor Glenn Youngkin’s amendment banning mask mandates. Science has proven that most cloth masks are completely useless against COVID-19, and other studies show concern about the negative effect masking has on kids’ development. Still, the Fairfax board is continuing to wage its war on students.

According to WTOP News, the county board is planning to join the ACLU’s lawsuit against Youngkin’s administration:

In its request to be heard, the school board says it has a direct interest in the matter: “Among FCPS’ students with disabilities are hundreds and hundreds with serious medical conditions that render them at ‘high risk,’ for serious illness or death from respiratory infections such as COVID-19, according to CDC criteria.”

The school board’s motion comes even as COVID conditions improve.

While the need for universal masks continues to decrease, “A broader, more fundamental legal principle is at stake: the responsibility bestowed by the Constitution of Virginia on locally elected school boards to make decisions for the protection of their students’ safety, welfare, and education.”

The motion suggests passing a law that “absolutely and uncategorically prohibits local school boards from even entertaining a type of student safety measure used successfully in the past to prevent student illness,” violates Article 8, Section 7 of the Virginia constitution, which grants a school boards the responsibility of supervising its school division.

In a second argument, the school board contends the bill “was rushed through the General Assembly,” and signed into law with a Youngkin-endorsed emergency clause. Typically, new legislation in Virginia takes effect on July 1.

6 Responses

  1. Mandate the removal of face covering for all children / teachers anyone not following the law can collect their check on Friday and not come back on Monday

  2. There is no valid science that masks work. Especially since the faux “vaccines” don’t work, but rather spread the virus.

  3. I did not see one person in the picture wearing a mask. Fairfax county should be given to DC. Then the rest of Virginia could become a rational state again.

  4. The school board need to research and be honest about all this bullying. Parents do not back down. Take them to court other cities have done this. Check out Rumble for honest truths. Put in your subject. Also DuckDuckGo use for your searches goggle is hiding stuff just like mainstream media. Keep praying for you to be guided to the truth. ” And We Know . com” another eye opening truth site. Take the time to look for yourself.

  5. What a clown show the school board is. Mask wearing isn’t banned. It’s optional. Their argument makes no sense because we should’ve been protecting all those same kids from the flu and other illnesses that were around before Covid.

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