“Find Muh Churn!” Woman Attacks Airline Staff and TRASHES Miami Airport


woman trashes miami airport
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A woman has been arrested for allegedly trashing an airport ticketing area in the Miami International Airport and attacking airline staff.

Camila McMillie, aged 25 from Alabama, alleged her children had vanished after she had missed her connecting flight to New York. Her children were later discovered to have gone to the bathroom without their mother’s knowledge.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer detained McMillie at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, at the airport and police officers arrested her and took her to jail, according to Local10 news.

The woman could be heard shouting between violent thrashings, “find muh churn [sic]”. Onlookers appeared bewildered by the antics of the woman. She yelled at the airport staff, “hurry up!”.

According to reports, an American Airlines employee was injured during the woman’s tirade. The employee suffered a bruise on the right shoulder area. Total damage to property amounts to $10,000 according to the airline.

The woman is facing charges of criminal mischief, aggravated battery, and disorderly conduct for her actions in the airport.

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