FORCED Vaccinations Begin: Biden Handlers, de Blasio Announce Sweeping Mandates


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The Biden administration and multiple Democrat-run states and cities, after demanding that all Americans receive covid vaccinations so that the country could “return to normal,” are reimposing mask mandates.  They are also mandating that their employees and some privately-employed citizens get vaccinated, despite the fact that the vaccines have still not received FDA approval, and are classified as experimental drugs.  

Joe Biden’s CDC on Tuesday issued the new guidelines, stating that even vaccinated Americans, who are supposedly protected by the shots they received, should wear masks indoors.

The move was quickly attacked by Republican lawmakers such as Senator Mike Braun, who stated that there should be “no more mandates and masking that didn’t work” and Governor Ron Desantis who said “It isn’t based in science. There is no indication that areas with mask mandates have performed any better.”  

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Meanwhile, Biden ordered 115,000 Department of Veterans Affairs employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, Democrat NYC mayor Bill de Blasio mandated the vaccine for all NYC workers, and California demanded that all state employees and all private healthcare providers be injected with the experimental vaccine.

Given the large amounts of fraud now proven to have occurred in the 2020 presidential election, and given that the Biden administration is posing a serious threat to the freedom, health, and financial stability of Americans, conservative states and counties should begin declaring such orders and laws signed by Biden as null and void within their jurisdictions. 

They should do their utmost to shield their citizens from the effects of Biden’s orders and those of his fellow Democrats, and should not cooperate with the federal government concerning enforcement.

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