Former WHO Doctor: ‘Stop the Jabs Immediately!’


former who doctor telling public to stop vaccines
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Article originally published at Free West Media.

“I am not an alarmist, I just want to explain with science, the lies, the corruption, the propaganda… And about the harm from the vaccines. Because I’m an expert in public health and science.” Astrid Stuckelberger has 30 years of experience as a researcher. In the years 2009-13, she was affiliated with the WHO, with pandemics as her specialty. She has published 180 publications and 12 books. 

In an interview with a Norwegian outlet, Stuckelberger said she is most worried because the jabs are not vaccines, “but a biotechnological, synthetic experiment.”

Because it contains genetic modifications, such as GMOs, people should have been informed about the contents of the vaccine. “The dangerous thing about the vaccine is that it triggers infection. I do not think it is the spike protein that is the problem, but that the vaccine contains graphene. It’s deadly, and now we have statistics. We know.”

Stuckelberger says Bill Gates took over the WHO

Stuckelberger also underscored that the “WHO is not the same organization as before”. There was a change in 2016, she explained.

“It was special: Organizations such as GAVI – the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization led by Bill Gates – they came to WHO in 2006 with funding. Since then, the WHO has developed into a new type of international organization. GAVI gained more and more influence, and total immunity, more than the diplomats in the UN. GAVI can do exactly what they want, the police can do nothing.”

The WHO underwent an audit in 2014 and after that, it became more like a company with countries as its subsidiaries.

“When I worked with international relations in the WHO in 2013, I saw that GAVI came in more and more. GAVI presented a global action plan for vaccination 2012-2020. That is, eight years where GAVI had everything in their hands. Bill Gates handled the vaccination, he took over.”

The WHO wields enormous power over countries, she said. “Before, all countries were free. But now, when I do interviews around the world, I see that each country is part of a ‘WHO company’. WHO is no longer a democratic member organization, like the UN. The various governments form the basis of the ‘enterprise’. It logically agrees with what is happening now, since the ‘companies’ want money, business, and to control people. It’s like slavery. The taxes we pay, they go to governments that are subject to ‘the company’. Under the multinational organizations, such as GAVI.”

Contract between GAVI, the World Bank and the WHO

“GAVI, the World Bank and the WHO entered into a contract called IFFM: International Facility Finance for Immunization. Our countries, our people, pay to the WHO, the World Bank and GAVI to carry out their immunization programs. Which means vaccinating the entire population. When you see the plan from GAVI, you see that from 2012 to 2020 they have had this as a goal. But then it did not work, they had to create a pandemic.”

She said the pandemic was most certainly planned. “You can see this from all the documents. Everyone can analyze them, they are in the open, right in front of our eyes.”

She pointed to research by Professor John Ioannidis at Stanford University showing that mortality in 2020 was not higher compared to other years. “It’s a lie, and no pandemic. The WHO accepts that mortality is not higher, yet they have not declared the ‘pandemic’ to be over,” she added.

Stuckelberger said she did not view herself as a whistleblower, but an expert in public health, medicine and science. But Gates’ minions have declared war on her. “The universities of Geneva and Lausanne have stopped all my courses. I’m on trial, they’re attacking me. They want to revoke my medical license, they’re trying to say I’m not competent, that I’m lying. This applies to all researchers who say this, we are now several doctors who warn of death after vaccination. It is dangerous for professionals to talk about it.”

The former WHO employee laughed wryly about the role of the media in spreading lies. “Media is paid for by the multinational ‘companies’. I call them international pirates. And the media controls the governments. The media must become independent, they must help the population to obtain free information.”

A number of studies and doctors have highlighted that there is treatment for Covid-19.

Stuckelberger, who lives in Geneva, believes the solution is to go back to ancient community life: “We must organize a parallel social system. We have to go back to the ‘Viking Age’. It has come to Switzerland, many things here now have roots in Viking times. I think about it a lot – in Norway one can go back to agriculture.”

‘People have been tricked! Stop the jabs immediately!’

She believes that vaccination must be stopped immediately. “On the grounds of the content of the vaccines. After 30 years of research, I know that when you have one, two or three case studies and you observe under a microscope, for conceptual evidence, then you do not need to do more research. What you see under a microscope is proof enough. When up to ten experts around the world see the same thing under the microscope, that’s enough.

“In the vaccines they see graphene, parasites, metals… Therefore we should stop the vaccination, and ban all injections. Those who continue should be prosecuted.”

According to Stuckelberger, the death rates and side effects that are reported make up only 1-10 percent of the reality. At the end of October, European EudraVigilance showed 29,000 dead, but with estimated dark numbers it could be 290,000.

“This is not easy to know, because autopsies are not performed. There are a lot of lies and scams in science, and in the systems. The PCR test is one example, the doctor can not use it diagnostically. Doctors are paid to claim that deaths are due to Covid, based on PCR that does not work. Very often this happens without an autopsy. They say the death is due to Covid, even when it is not.”

“It is terrible that one does not do clinical research, one only obtains information from the hospitals. It is unique in pandemic history that the data is not available. In the United States, 17 000 deaths from vaccinations are reported, including children and babies. It is not ethical to continue. So far in the United States, the death toll is three times higher than the total of all vaccines in the last 35 years. These are official figures, without clinical research or validation. The research is not finished, but the vaccination continues. It’s awful, really criminal.”

Stuckelberger confirmed that eight doses were being rolled out. “But there was no pandemic. It was a pandemic of PCR, propaganda, fear propaganda… There is massive corruption and conflicts of interest. Science and the media are also corrupt, the whole system is corrupt. Professionals are bought with ownership interests in vaccine companies. They’ve been thinking about it for the last 20 years. The industry controls the media, the doctors… The lies come from universities that say ‘we know science’. It’s unique. The universities of Switzerland sell Pfizer and Moderna.

“People have been tricked. They have not seen that it was propaganda. And that policies and definitions have changed.”

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  1. This is unbelievable!! Do they know what they’re doing? Obviosly, not !!! I have gotten no vacc and AM NOT GETTING ONE!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO US?? I found a doctor in California to get Ivermectin from. As soon as I can afford it, I will get it. THIS IS SICK, SICK, SICK!! THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE! What kind of future do we have?

  2. In 2 or 3 years, when we see people dying from unexplained causes, think back to 2020, 2021… and you’ll have your answer. And all the material in the vax jab, including extremely toxic graphene, will slice into capillaries, slicing blood cells and causing micro clots that just grow and grow. We’ve already seen 1 in 120 (approximate) young highly trained athletes die from myocarditis. Children are dying, women die or become sterile. This is what Gates and his kind are doing to us.

  3. This is quite an article. If it is to be believed it is going to take time to see what happens to the millions of people who have been vaccinated; some up to three times! I am definitely wary of the vaccines and am careful being around other people. If I were to contract the virus, I would immediately insist on being treated with Ivermectin. Bill Gates has certainly graduated to dark places from a computer guru.

    1. one can’t get Ivermectin just by demanding it. Monoclonal antibodies may be possible if you have a concierge practice doctor. Donald Got it right away. and he was out of the hospital right away. That is correct there are a lot of strange things in the Vaccine. Aluminum metal, Graphene, CADMIUM, BACTERIAL PARTS… flagella and some lipids, iron and Stainless-Steel balls, Hexane, sleeping sickness organisms. carbon nanotubes. this whole thing doesn’t add up to me. platelet killers too Thrombocytopenia), hyper immune conditions. propolyne glycol. as a preservative.

  4. I have smelled a rat since this whole thing started. Just opinion but the more I read the more im convinced its a whole ploy on humanity. Stop it at the top

  5. This goes to prove that education does not always make the person expressing their views correct. Here’s an individual with lots of background expressing her personal beliefs. Is she correct? Only time will tell but until then exercise caution, especially with what you read online.

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