Freedom vs. Tyranny, A Tale of Two Visions, Part II: The Finale.


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“…I wish that I may never think the smiles of the great and powerful a sufficient inducement to turn aside from the straight path of honesty and the convictions of my own mind.” David Ricardo.

The study of history is a powerful antidote to contemporary arrogance. It is humbling to discover how many of our glib assumptions, which seem to us novel and plausible, have been tested before, not once but many times, and in innumerable guises; and discovered to be, at great human cost, wholly false.” Paul Johnson.

We shall not grow wiser before we learn that much that we have done was very foolish.” F.A. Hayek. 

“The first thing a man will do first for his ideals is lie.” Joseph A. Schumpeter.

“There is no safety for honest men but by believing all possible evil of men.” Edmund Burke. 

Certainly, it is a world of scarcity. But the scarcity is not confined to iron ore and arable land. The most constricting scarcities are those of character and personality.” William R. Allen.   

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.C.S. Lewis.

“…mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent…” Adam Smith.

“The left takes its vision seriously—more seriously than it takes the rights of other people. They want to be our shepherds. But that requires us to be sheep.” Dr. Thomas Sowell. 

Hello Everyone, Happy 2020 Election Day!

I begin our column with more quotes than is typical because one, I do thoroughly enjoy quoting people who are much smarter than I am because, well, they are damn intelligent; two, it helps set the stage for what we are about to discuss; three, they said it, so I am not going to be like Jobless Joe and plagiarize them; and four, nine quotes for the nine battleground states Donald J. Trump is going to win tonight as we watch him become reelected President of these Beautiful United States. 

You heard it here first. 

(Sidebar: if anyone on his campaign or in the White House sees this article, I am all open for a position in the West Wing—I am a pretty decent economist and hybrid warfare specialist.)

Two scoops. Two Terms. Two great men being reelected. What a time to be alive.

This column perhaps may be longer than the vast majority of mine. I appreciate more than words can describe for the continued, or new, support, of the reading of these long thought, and of course, for all of your time. As I have stated before, time is the most valuable asset and it is always my goal to make sure your time when reading my words are efficiently and effectively used, and none of it goes to waste.

That being said, we have many important topics to discuss today. 

First and foremost, I would love to share with you my electoral prediction on the Presidency, Senate, and House races—then the column’s main thesis. Both separated by headings if you want to jump to one or the other. 

Moreover, to the media narrative, there is no such thing as voter fraud: any number of non-citizens voting in any of our elections is voter fraud. And many states have enabled the path for such things. Give it a Duck Duck Go or a Yandex. This isn’t even to mention the amount of double mailed in ballots people have received and to the amount of dead people receiving ballots. Or the ability to buy ballots

Regardless, I will be fair and equal handed, as always, and give my thoughts, analysis, and arguments. Again, I thank you for all your support, time, reading, and sharing. 

Election Prediction 2020

Donald J. Trump, our current and soon-to-be reelected President of the United States, is going to win in a landslide. The Republican Party will retain the Senate, and I believe even have a net gain of two to three seats. And, finally, the Republican Party will take back the House of Representatives. 

To my aforementioned point regarding voter fraud, I am not saying there are tens of millions of abilities to fraudulently vote in our elections, but what we have in our Federal Constitutional Republic is the Electoral College. With the Electoral College, the winner of the state, gets the electoral votes for the presidency. You do not need tens of millions of votes to change the outcome of elections. Last I checked, Trump won some of his swing states by margins of less than or slightly above 1%. Seems you only need a little bit of votes to change the outcome of the presidency. However, I do not anticipate we will be running into any issues, nor am I attempting to incite anything. Just pointing out facts. 

I have worked with many federal candidates and incumbents, and I have been a Republican political consultant for some time. Not only have I written entire legislative platforms, I have advised on everything from primary and general election strategy, economics, social media, speeches, public relations, etc. The list goes on.

Every election, whether it is a Senate or House Race, and even the Presidency is really only about 5-10% of voters. And if you really think about that—it makes sense. I am sure you know people who would never vote for Trump or Biden and then there are the select few friends or family you do know who are actually on the fence. 

It seems from the data most of the votes have already been sent in. Though, here at the Rogue Review and elsewhere, it has been shown that millions of people have searched how to change their votes after the latest debate. And with the recent revelations, which should be like nuclear bombs upon Biden, Biden, and Biden—something tells me those people searching how to change their votes were not originally Trump supporters.

As stated, every election is only about 5-10% of voters. A 5% net gain in votes from the 2016 Election for President Trump would have increased his Electoral College numbers to over 400 and would have, affirmatively, given him the popular vote. Which the latter of this only matters to Democrats—and only when they lose the Electoral College. 

For the past two years, Democrats have done nothing with their power and control over the House—except fatally attempt to make their false Russian Collusion narrative a reality, impeach the President over this false narrative (and attempt to more times this year under the same false pretenses of other delusions), and pass absurd legislation which would enable the encroachment, like a parasite, of communism over our country—These Beautiful United States. 

Oh, I almost forgot. 

In the process of all the Democrats’ failures these past two years, they have spent a lot…a lot, of taxpayer money pursuing their delusional dreams, wasted the Peoples’ time, and exposed their own corruption. Nice. As quick as our news cycles last nowadays, the People don’t forget. 

Unfortunately, too, for the Democrats, Millennials and younger voters are not the most reliable to show up at the polls—the older generations are the reliable voters. And many of these young voters, for some odd reason, wanted Crazy Bernie Sanders, not Jobless Joe. Democrats burned them once, now twice, by stealing the primary from their chosen candidate—way to birth many more protest votes Democrats. I appreciate it. 

Moreover, the vast majority of the older generation of voters, if not all, were alive during times of communist rule during the first Cold War. They remember what those countries were like, the evils of communism, and importantly, its failures. Democrats have fatally fallen for the belief that Twitter is real life and that is what We the People are all like. However, the sum of the whole is greater than its parts—and many of these parts will not be deceived by the devils of communism/socialism/”democratic”-socialism/”Socialism” with Chinese Characteristics—characteristics such as…communism. Whatever the kids are calling communism nowadays. 

On top of all of this, we have had to endure together excessive lockdowns, infringement upon our inherent and inalienable rights, exasperation of domestic civil unrest, economic deprivation, and an unprecedented pandemic. 

We the People want a man of action; not a man of inaction, diversion, delusion, and possibly dementia. 

Importantly to my overall analysis, all of the riots, excessive government deprivation of our individual rights, and billions in destruction of American Cities—is happening in Democrat States and Cities. I wonder how many people in Portland are enjoying their 100+ days of riots, or Seattle. I wonder how the people of Michigan are enjoying living under a true Dictator who ignores the state legislature and the state Supreme Court. The list goes on. 

Sure, former-Democrats may have not liked Trump’s personality. But they probably sure do enjoy their freedoms a lot more. And one of these presidential candidates and party supports our fellow Americans’ ability to exercise their inherent and inalienable rights; the others only wants to enforce and expand the continued oppression even further. 

Political ideologies and perceptions of the public swings like a pendulum—and the False Prophets and Preachers of Progressivism have played their hand too hard and swung to wide; and every day Americans are tired of living under social tyranny. In the 1980s we had the Reagan Revolution which brought conservatism into the mainstream, destroyed the communists abroad, and enabled our economic growth in an unparalleled fashion which lasted into the next two presidencies. 

In the 2000s, we had a Progressive Revolution, ushered in by former President Barack Obama and his lackey Jobless Joe Biden. For all the hype of hope and change, we were force fed, like they were looters and rioters in the night, a piece of legislation which we were told would radically change our medical system, allow us to keep our doctors and our healthcare plans, drastically lower premiums and costs, and expand access. Most of them didn’t even read the bill. 

What we got were the loss of our doctors, new healthcare plans we did not want, radically higher premiums and costs, and the only reason access was expanded is because, unconstitutionally, people were forced to buy the product. I do not care that Roberts is the Chief Justice of the United States or he has a fancy J.D. from the Ivy League corrupt-and-failing institution that is Harvard, and mine is from a lower-tier law school; the Interstate Commerce Clause of our Constitution does not allow our government to force us to buy anything. Nor does it enable the federal government to have power over intrastate commerce. Which, naturally, health insurance is because of the ridiculous regulations which do not allow cross-border competition for the industry. Read the clause yourself, constitutional interpretation really is not that hard.

Lastly, during the Progressive Revolution, we had the slowest economic growth on record, expansion of wealth inequality, almost fell into a recession again, twice, an ever expanding welfare state, increased crime, and what I believe is most important—the United States became weaker on the global stage, which enabled the growth of global terrorism and the expansion of Communist China into the super power it is today threatening our neighbors and allies in the Pacific and abroad.

Jobless Joe Biden and a Kamala Administration would do a lot like the Progressive Revolution, and people do not forget. And with that, they will vote as such.

Thus, I believe, we will be seeing a landslide electoral victory for President Trump, retention and possibly net gains in the Senate, and the House will flip back to the Republican Party.


I digress.

Back to our main topic for the day.

Freedom vs. Tyranny, A Tale of Two Visions: The Finale

As The Great Communicator once said, freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction; freedom comes only once to a people, and those who have known freedom and lost it, have never known it again. The Roman Empire was first the Roman Republic.

President Reagan’s statement, I believe, is missing an important part: Freedom, though fragile, is powerful, wonderful, inherent and inalienable. Freedom is God-given. Our rights, liberties, and individual freedoms are not bestowed to us by the government or man; they come from God.

Government was created to protect our freedoms; our freedoms existed before government. We the People wield the power, as we are governed by consent; not by force, whether physical or by decree. Those in our government, as much as many like to believe they are among the elite, without their political public positions—paid for by you and me—would be among those some of these “elite” attempts to look down upon from the Ivory Tower that is Washington D.C.  

Why would our Founders risk life and limb to start our new nation and our Great American Experiment if freedom was not the most powerful force in the world? The Founders were already living under the tyrannical rule of the British Crown. Why would millions of people across the world and throughout history sacrifice all that they have to come here and escape tyranny if freedom were not as such? 

Why do people, today, then, vote for tyranny?

There is a reason dictators and authoritarians all start at step one: the deprivation of freedoms. Though, each step taken by them do not all look nor are the same. Most of the time, if not all, these moves made by dictators and authoritarians look as if they are going in the direction of enhancing freedom, opportunity, and equality; not tyranny. 

Of course, how else could they convince the citizenry of their platform and ideologies? It seems as common sense no one individual would vote for the deprivation of their entire freedoms and way of life. But as history shows, that is exactly what occurs. And it does not all occur at once. 

I am not here to fearmonger as much of my counterparts on the left enjoy engaging in. This election will not lead to death and destruction based on the outcomes of it. But one potential vision leads to the decay of freedom; such as a cancer slowly spreads. And the other vision continues these United States being the Shining City Upon a Hill. 

The rise of the Radical and Communist/Socialist Left within the Democrat Party and Establishment, the repainting of communism as not only an effective and efficient economic, political, and philosophical system, but to its progressive adherents, a principled virtue and rite of passage, and the social tyranny of oppression in which they enthusiastically engage—freedom has no room to prosper because there is no room for individuals. These adherents believe fully that they know better how to make decisions for your life, than you. They also look down upon us from their high horse of morality. How is the weather up there?

To the Communist, the Anti-Fascist, and the Radical Left, individual freedoms and rights are of no concern because it is the will of the majority which must, by all means, modes, and methods, be established and enforced—for the “public good,” of course. 

And some of this may seem like I am beating a dead horse, but much of this cannot be stated enough. As stated before, as well, if we lead enough horses to water, hopefully they will and did take the red pill. 

We have already seen throughout this year those on the left exercise control and power not delegated to those in government by our Constitution and laws—fueled by fear—based on a virus. There are certain things worse than death; many, many things worse than death, let alone catching a sickness. Last I checked, President Trump contracted the virus and was in all the categories of the extreme risk people.

Either the virus is not that dangerous or lethal; or the medications he was given are safe and effective and we should start engaging in the Defense Production Act and make all of them readily available to everyone. But the Radical Left cannot have it both ways.

To these individuals who have felt it proper to bestow upon themselves unprecedented powers and powers not given to them by the consent of those they govern, they state we cannot go back to normal life until we contain the virus. Consent, ironically, seems to only apply to them when it fits their agenda. 

But how are we to contain this virus? What are the goals or objectives? It is an unseen and invisible enemy to which we have no control of being able to contain—and one, potentially, less deadly than paraded about in the media. What does contain even mean? We have flu vaccines, yet last I checked, we still have not contained, dominated, or eradicated it. Have we shut down the country for the flu, or even H1N1? 

This is not the Viet Cong or the Nazi Blitzkrieg we are dealing with. Rest assured, however, those on the radical left will make sure that the government will take care of all of our problems, especially economic and financial. All they have to do is turn on those printers at the Fed, right? You do not have to work; the government is here to pay your bills and take care of you and your family. Sounds oddly familiar. 

What does the erosion of our freedoms look like?

For starters, Jobless Joe and Kamala, et al. have already established on the record they will be coming for our “assault rifles” and waging a full-scale attack on our Second Amendment Rights. But, the Supreme Court of the United States has already stated, because apparently some people do not know how to read, that the right of an American to own a gun is protected. District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008); U.S. Const. Second Amendment. 

Those dictators in history used their own Black Shirts to terrorize the People, destroy property, and inject fear into the hearts of everyone within their country. And after those dictators had their paramilitaries stoke fear into the peoples’ hearts, rest assured, they came out and said they were the only ones who could restore order—if only we gave them the power to do so. 

Oh, I forgot an important part: it only came out later in history, that those Black Shirts were connected to the government officials—the ones who were dying to have power—after they seized control, and far later after their regimes were toppled—by these United States. I find it ironic that the Harris/Biden ticket did not come out and condemn the riots and looters until months and months later—when the election became closer.

One of the most common methods of tyrannical rulers was taking away the inherent rights of citizens to defend themselves with weapons and firearms. The Second Amendment does state “shall not be infringed,” yet its infringement has seen and endured a full frontal assault by the Radical Left for Decades.

To take the right to Keep and Bear Arms of citizens, is a play right out of the Book of Adolf Hitler. Obama’s own former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is on the record saying never let a good crisis go to waste. Look around you. We are engulfed in crisis, and one candidate and his party are begging for the power because they continually state they are the only ones able to solve these problems. How? Well, with their solutions. But you have to elect them first before they release them. 

Sounds like a tactic straight out of Goodfellas. 

Tyrants talk in terms that demean the rights of individuals and continually expound their belief that the individual is subservient to the collective. Which party has spent the last eight months talking about how it is not about your rights, but about your responsibilities? Sounds eerily similar.

Tyranny, through its many forms, has had the greatest tirade against Americans and our freedoms through a method many do not keep up on, nor even know where to look: The Federal Judiciary. The Federal Judiciary is supposed to be our last-ditch bulwark against bashful encroachments upon our individual rights and freedoms. When Congress and the Executive Branch engage in tactics and actions which erode our God-given rights, it is the Court who is supposed to be our shield. 

Yet, throughout our United States history, this is the exact rode that the Radical Left has taken on their path to enacting their progressive utopia. In the case Wickard v. Filburn, decided after FDR threatened to pack SCOTUS, it was wrongfully established the federal government has the power to regulate intrastate commerce. Oddly, Justices either did not know or engaged in willful blindness regarding their economic analysis in the decision, but the farmer in this case was punished because he grew more wheat than his government quota allowed. Though, in his arguments, he pleaded with the Court that the wheat he grew was for him and his family, and thus was not available for supply in the market and should not affect his quota.

But the powers that be did not appreciate this farmer stepping out of line and creating a problem. During this time, we were in the height of the Great Depression. They made the farmer burn his wheat—wheat he made for his family—and then the government financially punished him.

There are many SCOTUS cases just as Wickard. These decisions occur when the Justices ignore the words laid down in our Constitution. The list is long, but here are some: NFIB v. Sebelius; Dred Scott v. Sanford; Korematsu v. United States; Roe vs. Wade (and its companion cases); Griswold v. Connecticut; Plessy v. Ferguson; Carpenter v. United States; Lochner v. New York. The list is long regarding the encroachment upon our rights and the degradation of our Constitution. I encourage everyone to read the Constitution, read these holdings, and then ask yourself, where did the Court find that

Last I checked, there is the right to “life, liberty, and property without the due process of law” and no right to kill the unborn in the womb. U.S. Const. Fourteenth Amendment. Cl. I. The Constitution guarantees life as a right, science states life begins at conception. So much for the Radical Left being the party of science. 

One of the candidates today has an established record of nominating and having confirmed Judges and Justices which know how to read—not legislate from the bench.

The other candidate and his master had judges confirmed to the Court which impose the will of their majority—General Flynn being the case-in-point.

Economic freedom is a prerequisite to individual freedoms. You cannot be free when it is the government making sure your bills are paid—because where is all the power, then? The old adage is do not bite the hand that feeds you, and if it is our government being the one who feeds us, then it seems from those facts we would be caged and chained to its whims. 

One of the candidates in this election and his party wants to make sure that the government will pay all your bills, as long as the virus is not contained—and maybe even thereafter they will continue to do as such, as a precaution. Moreover, they “guarantee” the rich will pay for all of our woes. Those at the top will trickle down their wealth to us and make sure we are all A-Okay. How nice. Last I checked, the “rich” gained more wealth and income under Obama and the inequality gap was expanded under that administration; and it shrunk under some other administration. 

The other candidate is Donald J. Trump and the other party is the Republican Party. We only want the people of these Beautiful United States to be strong, independent, courageous, and bold as we sail together into unchartered horizons. Things will be tough; we do not deny that. Things will not be easy and there will be many bumps in the rode that we must overcome after a year of situations which are unprecedented in history; and We will do it together—and not have the government do everything for us. All human institutions are run by humans, obviously, and we are an imperfect creature. There are always faults and mistakes. But that does not mean we cannot and will not correct them. 

Lastly, before we part ways, I want to leave you with two of my favorite Bible quotes, one which is permanent on my ribs and the other soon to be added. 

Jeremiah 29:11, “’For I know the plans I have for you,declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

2 Corinthians 4:8-9, “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

We are the only nation in the history of the world that is by the people, of the people, and for God and His people. I have no doubts we are in the best of hands and our continual glory of being the Shining City Upon the Hill which is a Beacon of Hope and Prosperity to the entire world will not perish from this earth. 

Thank you for your time. God bless.

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