Voter Suppression, Deafening Silence, & Statistical Impossibilities


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“There is nothing new under the sun.” Anonymous

The left takes its vision seriously—more seriously than it takes the rights of other people. They want to be our shepherds. But that requires us to be sheep.” Dr. Thomas Sowell. 

Hello Everyone, Happy Thursday. 

Or, as some may say, Happy Third Day of our General Election process—the first of its kind in our United States History.

It seems, as it stands right now, that my election prediction has not, so far, borne out. That is of no concern to me because the battle is not yet over and I firmly believe Trump will be re-elected, Biden will lose electoral votes, the GOP will continue to gain House seats, pray-fully a majority thereof, and we will retain the Senate. 

Remember, my fellow Americans, it is always darkest before the dawn. To anyone who is an avid fan of history, especially United States history, like me, election fraud, vote tampering, and attempts to steal an election should come as no shock to you.

We all knew this election wouldn’t end by the week. We all knew why the Democrat Elite pushed so hard for mail-in ballots. And we all knew that there was going to be a contest in the Courts. Thankfully, thus far, President of the United States Donald J. Trump is winning those battles and I suspect when these go to the Supreme Court, that will not change.

And no, before anyone complains, ACB will not be the deciding factor because of Trump’s nomination of her to the high court—she just knows how to read and properly interpret the laws and statutes—unlike other judges and justices. ACB is very intelligent, strong, and independent. She already has an established record, especially through her dissents, to not be swayed like a reed in the wind by politics.

And it is also a heinous assertion that she would submit to those who nominated and confirmed her based on such factors—ACB is not Judge Sullivan of the DC Circuit, who, quite literally and on public record, has decided to legislate from the bench and grossly misinterpret our Constitution for political purposes. This is from General Flynn’s case if you are unaware.

Regarding the alleged election fraud and attack on our government and political institutions’ integrity on the level that we see today in our 2020 election, what has become shocking to me is the amount, type, and style in which those on the Radical and Communist Left have engaged. It is as if they think that we are useful idiots and will believe such absurd and asinine moves, modes, and methods—and go along with the attempts to steal our elections. However, we are not, and with the moves, modes, and methods they have used, a toddler could notice the fraud.

For the Democrats’ claims to be the party of high moral ground, democratic integrity, and proper virtue, what is occurring right now truly shows their corruptive hand. As the old adage goes, it is always the empty can that rattles the most. 

Truthfully, I am not the best at mathematics. I failed algebra II in high school and barely got by in my Calc I & II classes at Arizona State University. I consider myself an economist more than anything, which is a science, not math.

That being said, it does not take a mathematical genius nor any genius to realize there is an irregularity when—like thieves in the middle of the night—miraculously, Jobless Joe Biden gained 140,000 votes in MI and around 60,000 votes in WI. These votes put him barely over the top. I mean, seriously, if you’re going to cheat, go big or go home. 

All of these “votes” came from one batch in each state.

One of the smartest people I know and an engineer in our company, who has an engineering degree from Annapolis—a college harder to get into than the Ivy Leagues— and graduated at the top of his class there, currently pursuing his masters in mechanical engineering (it’s really cool, he gets to build lasers), put such irregularities to me in a concise and authoritative way: since both states have voted essentially 50/50, such instances of Jobless Joe receiving all of these votes would be the same as flipping a coin two hundred thousand times, and it lands on heads every single time. And we all know, that is a statistical and real impossibility.

Moreover, in Wisconsin, they have had voter turnout, magically, which is so high—you only see that type of turnout in authoritarian and dictatorship run countries. 89.6%. It is 5.5 standard deviations away from the historical Wisconsin average since 1990—a virtual statistical impossibility. The math, clearly, does not add up.

Sounds a little suspect to me that Jobless Joe was able to accrue the necessary number of votes—after election night and in the middle of the night when such necessary count was known—to put him over Trump in two crucial swing states. 

I may not be a genius, but I do have a pretty optimal bullshit radar and it has been going off for the past two days. Weighs heavy on the heart, but we got this.  

On top of this, it has been reported in the media and well on my Instagram stories (@mackenziealanbettle) that people are finding a lot of dead people who were not only registered to vote, but received their ballots, and submitted them. 

Ironic. I thought that when you were dead, it was difficult to do any action, especially such actions here. I guess death doesn’t end everything. 

Moreover, Michigan’s state election laws state that precincts that DO NOT have their amount of voter registration for absentee and mail-in ballots match the number of votes cast CANNOT be recounted. 

It does not take a genius to realize that this law means you can inflate the votes in these precincts and when the State Supreme Court authorizes a recount, you cannot conduct a recount in these precincts. Thus, all anyone has to do in these precincts is inflate the voter tallies. And Michigan,  Detroit, and other of these counties have a long, long, long, history of voter fraud

I guess it makes sense why Michigan’s Dictator-in-Chief sent down their health department officials to kick out GOP vote watchers and challenger, and not Biden ones. Inflate the count, and the Courts will guard us. 

On top of all this, PA was continually kicking out not only GOP ballot watchers—but international ballot watchers, you know, people who cannot vote in our elections. Moreover, PA has been unable to decipher which ballots were sent in on time and which ones were not—but they are counting both either way. The Trump Campaign received an injunction by the Courts which stated the counting areas must allow GOP and Trump Campaign ballot watchers into the areas.

Shockingly, the people in those stations were still denying the right of access to the Trump Campaign and GOP ballot watchers. Then, as the icing on the cake, the Democrats countersued to block them from watching. 

If you do not have anything to hide, why all the obstruction? Hm. Funny. 

To add to our election disarray, yesterday Jobless Joe operatives posted all across Twitter and on Jobless Joes’ website that they were looking for volunteers in Georgia—after the election—to go door-to-door to help “cure” absentee ballots that either were not sent in or unable to be processed. I get that every legal vote should count—but this seems a little suspect to me to go every door you can, after an election, initiated by one party, to help people vote. The Election was on Nov 3, any vote created or “cured” after that should be subject to strict scrutiny.

On top of all the other problems so far, I believe Jobless Joe, magically, is receiving, after the election, an 8-to-1 vote tally compared to Donald Trump. Again, that would be like flipping a coin and eight out of nine times, it lands on heads. Another statistical impossibility.

Are we going to sit idly and watch all of this happen? Do they really think we are that dumb? Do they think this is acceptable? Clearly so. It really helps when you have the Main Stream Media on your side—and even Fox News has now become biased to the left.

It is well passed the time to have new large and main stream medias, and I believe firmly the Trump Family should start one. I’m open for an anchor spot. 

Nevada, last night, announced they would have the election results by that night. Then they later changed it to they would have the election results by today, noon EST. Then, before that time, they announced they would not have the results until the end of the week. There are far less than the 75% of votes they had tallied by ELECTION NIGHT—how on earth are these last 25% of votes giving Nevada such trouble? I mean, I understand that many of the voters in that state are reporting that they were rejected their right to vote—because someone else already voted under their name—and that there are apparently dead people voting in that state too—but none of this is really passing the smell test. And I have a horrible sense of smell.

Alaska, for some odd reason, still cannot be called for President Trump. Even though they reelected all of their GOP House representatives and the Senator there won re-election by almost 30 points. Is it me, or do they just not want to give Trump more electoral votes?

And last, but certainly not least, the Outlaw State of Arizona has, according to Fox News and AP, but no one else, gone to Biden?

In Arizona, it is a constitutional carry state, you do not need any license to carry a gun. You’re telling me they elected the candidate that has promised on the public record to take away their guns? Again, this smell test is not going well.

Moreover, as reported by Nate Silver’s 538 website, those who voted in person or submitted their ballots in person on election day were overwhelmingly supporting Trump. On top of that, it has been reported in news outlets that Arizona Voters were given sharpies to fill out their ballots—even when those voters denied that and requested a ball point pen in blue or black ink.

Ironically, sharpie does not process in these vote-tally registering machines. Oddly, as well, it is Trump supporters who have overwhelmingly been the ones to go in and vote on Election Day. My sense of smell my suck, but it does not take genius-IQ levels to read through the lines and see what has been occurring in our elections,

Actually, one more thing, North Carolina, was able to count 94% of their votes on election night. But, oddly, ironically, or at least interestingly enough, this Democrat-controlled state has now stated that they will not be able to get us the election results—the final 6%–until November 11.

It seems quite odd to me that they were able to conduct a proper count of 94% of the votes, and then when Trump was showing a clear lead in that state—a lead that would not, statistically as we see the data now, Jobless Joe would not overcome—the state started stopped counting votes and then told us they would need eight more days.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The last four years we have seen Democrats, the Establishment on both sides of the aisle, and the Main Stream Media say President Donald. J. Trump was an illegitimate president and that “Russia” is the reason that he won. 

Oddly, I do not hear anything from those same folks about any election irregularities or voter fraud, and I definitely have not seen anything about Russia.  

My thoughts and belief are that President Donald J. Trump will be reelected. But they knew that. His rallies showed that. His support showed that (especially in the minority communities). And His record as the best president in United States history, the only president to actually keep his promises to us, We the People, showed that.

So, what do you do when the impending red wave comes? Well, you do all you can to delay it. You have your friends in the Main Stream Media call races too early, a form of voter suppression. You create chaos, disarray, and deceit. And then, when the Court, the People, and the Voters finally fight and push back—and President Trump is legitimately re-elected—you spend the next four years talking about how he is illegitimate, you continually try to impeach him over lies, and you pull every hat out of your bag to gain back your power. 

But we have all seen their lies, deceit, and tricks. Let them parade it. It will be their downfall. 

To my fellow Americans, is it really believable that Republicans have fended off the Senate challenges, and seemingly will pick up more seats when legit and legal votes are the ones that counted, at the time of this writing, have flipped eight House seats, and Republicans dominated state legislature races—thus enabling the redistricting of those states into 2020 and a decade of GOP control—is it really believable that the people voted down-ballot Republican, and then forgot to vote for the man who leads the party?

No? That is what I thought, too.

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