Fresno State University Provides Pregnant Mothers with Parking Spaces


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In an effort to make college life easier for its pregnant students, Fresno State University will provide two parking spots on campus next to the Madden Library and McLane Hall on campus for expecting mothers. Working in collaboration with each other, the Fresno State Students for Life and Fresno Pro-Life Future groups were able to persuade the school administration to create these student parking spots.

The project began last October when Bernadette Tatsy, the president of Fresno Pro-Life Future, was told that parking spots or parking passes could not be made for pregnant students after she had inquired about it. This did not stop Tatsy and the other groups on campus, and they were eventually able to persuade the administration to work with them on this issue.

The project was of great importance to the group, as they knew of a student whom they had saved from abortion that was forced to walk long distances to class. Jessica Rojas, now a member of the Students for Life Group, had this to say about her commute:

I always dreaded parking on campus when I was pregnant because of the long walk to class. I remember my walk from my car to campus taking up to 30 minutes. I am so happy pregnant students now have access to park closer to campus.

The two pro-life groups have worked hard to faithfully represent the values of the Student for Life’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative. Speaking on the work they do, Tatsy said:

Sometimes, students are constantly searching for a sign so they don’t go through with an abortion. I hope that when students pass by these parking stalls, they see that they are not alone, being pregnant on campus, and that they can be pregnant and successful in school.

Pro-life groups like the ones at Fresno University should be commended, as their work offers support to students during a vulnerable time by acting as a reliable resource for pregnant or parenting students.

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