How Trump Can Target Biden on Immigration


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September 12th marked the first time every major democratic candidate took the same debate stage. Former Vice President Joe Biden still holds a significant lead over Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, so we’ll be assuming Biden wins the nomination for the purpose of this article. While there will be a plethora of fantastically comedic debate topics over which Biden and Trump will do battle, I think the immigration debate may prove to be most interesting.

The storyline of the election thus far is that in order to win the nomination, the democratic nominees must force themselves towards the radical left. The problem is, the same radicalized campaign that wins the nomination will find it virtually impossible to win the general election. President Trump’s approval rating among independents (~35%) makes him very vulnerable in 2020, but there is no question who independents would be coming out for when the ballot is composed of President Trump and a radical democrat. The only way the democratic nominee can actually win both processes is by walking back many of the statements made during their run through the primaries. I am confident that will especially be the case on the immigration front.

Biden has been targeted heavily by his peers for the high number of immigrant deportations during the Obama administration. He has responded by working his hardest to keep up with the radical agenda of the democrats while refusing to apologize for Obama’s decisions while in office. The best strategy for the Trump campaign would be to stay away from bashing Obama-era immigration plans (because they are relatively comparable to what Trump has aimed to do in office) and instead focus in on the statements Biden makes from now until the election. 

Biden will undoubtedly be coerced into making statements on immigration catering to the radical portion of the base over the next six months. Trump’s camp would be wise to keep close tabs on every one of Biden’s statements and aggressively use those against him in general election debates. This will force Biden to decide whether he wishes to be a hypocrite or a radical, and that is a welcome win-win situation for the Trump campaign.

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