Gas Rationing Coming to U.S. States?


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As gas prices continue to rise throughout the country, U.S. lawmakers, specifically Democrats, are pushing the possibility of giving the public $300 stimulus checks.

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In states like California, where gas is close to $6 per gallon, there are legitimate fears of full-on gas rationing if rates continue to rise. In some parts of the state, citizens report already being capped at $100 or $125 at the pump:

President Joe Biden’s energy policy from the start of his presidency has caused a dramatic spike in gas prices. Among many blunders, America has grown critically dependent on foreign sources of oil under Biden, a sharp contrast to the net-export energy sector of Trump’s administration. At the very start of his term, Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline project and approved the removal of sanctions from Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which allowed Putin to grasp a stronger hold on international oil.

The proposed gas card bill was introduced and sponsored by three House Democrats, Mike Thompson of California, John Larson of Connecticut, and Lauren Underwood of Iowa.

Meanwhile, Democrats in California, a state which has seen gas rationing in the past, are offering to use what they call “windfall profits” from oil companies to give all of California’s taxpayers a $400 monthly energy rebate. 

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California also practiced gas rationing in the 1970s during the Carter administration, a decision that had mixed results. Los Angeles was the first city of California to reach $6 a gallon for regular this week.

Democrats blamed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for the spike in gas while ignoring their own party’s role in the spike in gas prices, according to American opinion polling. In a survey conducted by Emerson College, 39 percent blamed President Biden for high gas prices, 21 percent on sanctions on Russian oil, and 18 percent on gas companies.

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  1. Tell congress to build the keystone pipe and start geting gas from Alasks and tell Joe Biden to _________. Dumb people voted him in office now get him out; He is destroying (along with the Democrats ) the USA.

    1. While our Sourthern border is completely wide open to millions of people with Biden giveing enducements to everyone to flood the US alongwith uncontrolled drugs, violents, hidden flights moving non-citizens all over the US. There is more going on here than Ukraine.

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