NEW: Jobs Report FLOPS; Record Number of Americans Quit in August

Workers in the United States quit their jobs in record numbers according to the latest jobs report from August, leaving a record number of job openings available throughout the U.S. An all-time high 4.3 million US workers quit their jobs in August 2021, leaving 10.4 million jobs open.  The jobs report has been labeled the […]

ICYMI: AOC Rejected for Powerful Democrat Committee Assignment in Secret Party Vote

Rising Far-left Democrat Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez was recently left off a powerful House committee assignment after being overwhelmingly rejected by fellow Democrats in a secret vote last week. The vote came as Cortez and fellow Democrat Susan Rice (NY) battled for several weeks, according to sources, for the powerful position.  The vote, which took place Friday, saw […]

YouGov Poll: 42% of Americans Say They Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine

A recently released poll conducted by YouGov/Yahoo has shown that 42 percent of the American public won’t take a Covid-19 vaccine once it becomes widely available which should be shortly after shipments started yesterday. Several companies have contributed to the fast development of the vaccine,  though there is widespread skepticism regarding the first round of […]

Ohio Republicans File Impeachment Against Governor Mike DeWine

Several Ohio State Republican lawmakers are making good on their filing of impeachment in August and bringing it to the state legislator this month, following what they call Governor Mike DeWine’s unconstitutional executive actions he has taken to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. GOP State Rep, John Becker of Clermont County led the group of Republicans, […]

Democrats Mourn Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Death

Following the assassination of one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, former Obama CIA Chief, John Brennan, and other left-wing Democrats lashed out on Twitter over the weekend, calling the attack “reckless and dangerous.” The attack comes as events in the Middle East have heated up over the last year, amidst the planned withdrawal of […]