Girl is Mocked for Asking Planned Parenthood About Post-Abortive Care


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

Planned Parenthood  repeatedly claims to be pro-woman through the compassionate care they provide. Unfortunately for Chelsea Brown, her post-abortive regret was not an experience Planned Parenthood wished to validate.

Chelsea Brown was twenty when she found herself in an abusive relationship. Discovering she was pregnant, Brown visited Planned Parenthood to see what her options were. When she expressed that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue her pregnancy, Planned Parenthood provided her with a list of abortive options. Brown remembered how even though she had “visible bruises on her arms and legs,” they didn’t counsel her any further. Urging her to make an abortion appointment as soon as possible, Brown recalled how she left the clinic thinking she was “crazy” to even think about motherhood when “even medical professionals assum[ed] [she] was incapable.”

Brown’s grief over her abortion led to her becoming pro-life. Brown recently shared her vulnerability on a Planned Parenthood Facebook page, where she asked them how they help post-abortive women find healing. She did not disclose she was pro-life, and her question was a neutral one, but the response from pro-choice individuals on the page was aggressive.

She was accused of asking a “dishonest question” and of “trolling a pro-choice page.” Some began to stalk Brown’s personal profile, and others told Brown she was an “ugly fucking trash uneducated cunt.” Brown tried to ask Planned Parenthood if they condoned this form of women to women treatment, but received no response.  

A woman that had harassed Brown through private messaging then contacted Planned Parenthood, accusing Brown of “shaming women.” Planned Parenthood thanked the woman for her “vigilance” and removed Brown’s post. Brown then reported the girl’s threatening messages to Facebook, but they claimed they found no evidence of abuse.

Of the incident, Brown said:

“Now more than ever, it is so important to respond to hate with love, and to speak up where the truth is being snuffed out.”

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