LIVE ACTION: PP Lied About Heartbeat, Twins


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By Samantha Kamman, Abortion Columnist

Investigations from Live Action have revealed how Planned Parenthood coerces women into abortions by lying about relevant medical information. A doctor in Tennessee, Brent Boles, recently treated a woman who had experienced this when she visited a Planned Parenthood in Knoxville. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she was given a pre-abortion ultrasound. The employees at Planned Parenthood asked if she wanted to know the details of her ultrasound, and the woman said she did and inquired if there was a heartbeat.

Boles details the incident:

“She was told, at an age between 7-8 weeks, that ‘there is cardiac activity but it’s too early to call it a heartbeat.’”

As Boles explained, if a “heart’s activity is visible, then there is a heartbeat.” Unbiased sources such as the Endowment for Human Development can also confirm that a heart begins beating three weeks after fertilization. Boles elaborated on Planned Parenthood’s motivation to lie, as acknowledging a heartbeat would make the patient less likely to go through with the abortion, and he stated that this incident is just another case of Planned Parenthood being “willing to lie to women to get their money.”  

But, the heartbeat was not the only thing Planned Parenthood lied about. They also neglected to tell the woman she was pregnant with twins. Boles explained:

“Either their sonographer was incompetent, or they once again lied since they know that a woman who finds out she’s having twins may have a harder time with the thought of aborting two babies instead of one.”

Planned Parenthood provided her with a medication abortion, but the pills didn’t work, as the “extra progesterone from the fact that [there] [were] two babies overcame the progesterone blockade that the abortion pill tries to create.” Boles has reported that the mother is now twelve weeks along and that “both babies, and mom as well, are going to be fine.”

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