Healthy Adults Are Dying “Mysteriously” in Australia (DETAILS)


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Australia, ground-zero for draconian COVID vaccine mandates during the pandemic, is currently confronting a massive spike in Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADS.

SADS, also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, is described as a death where a person under the age of 40 dies unexpectedly, and the cause of death cannot be determined.

Australia’s Northern Territory imposed a refreshed authoritarian lockdown on citizens who had not been ‘fully vaccinated’ against COVID-19 throughout the rise of the extremely mild, rarely fatal Omicron variant in January.

Now, the country is confronting an epidemic of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which is striking down healthy and active young people in Australia, and many theorize that the vaccines are to blame.

Rushed COVID vaccines have objectively caused deaths and injuries, despite the 1984-esque propaganda campaign that shuts down anyone who suggests as much.

Rogue Review interviewed a healthy father who took one vaccine and suffered a heart attack, two strokes, and piled up nearly $300,000 in medical bills.

Currently, there is no explanation for the sudden rise in SADS in Australia.

Daily Mail reports:

People aged under 40 are being urged to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

The syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’, said The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, most commonly occurring in people under 40 years of age.

The US-based SADS Foundation has said that over half of the 4,000 annual SADS deaths of children, teens or young adults have one of the top two warning signs present.

Those signs include a family history of a SADS diagnosis or sudden unexplained death of a family member, and fainting or seizure during exercise, or when excited or startled, reported

Last year a 31-year-old woman, Catherine Keane, died in her sleep while living with two friends in Dublin.

3 Responses

  1. Everybody familiar with the Tony Fauci / Bill Gates Covid-19 premeditated murder serum knows the cause of these deaths but complicit governments and MSM will never print or announce the truth. We need Nuremberg Style World Court trials of all people involved in creating, supporting, administering and hiding the truth from the global population. Until they are all arrested, prosecuted and executed for their roles in this global genocide for purely political reasons there will never be freedom and justice in any country. Start the arrests because we know who the people are. Set the court dates and get on with the business of punishing these criminals the only way acceptable; Capital Punishment for every one of them.

  2. Will we ever know the full truth of the development of the virus or the damage done by the international craze for these shoot ups of vaccines. Now they want to vaccinate our babies and institute yearly vaccinations. The Wuhan lab is now working on Monkey Pox and the once rare disease is now spreading beyond the gay population where it was usual y found.

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