Here’s How Much Gas Costs in Virginia By County


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Gas prices in Virginia have skyrocketed over the past few weeks, also steadily rising throughout the entirety of the Biden administration’s time in Washington.

Energy-dependent policies hinging on imports from Russia and other foreign entities, while we have plenty of oil here at home, have left the poor especially hard-hit by rising prices. However, all Americans – and Virginians – are struggling with these hikes.

Here are some graphics showing the current price for your trips to the pump. This first table from AAA shows just how drastically the price of gas has risen under the current administration:

Here is a graphic with a key showing where prices are worst in the state:

Current price of regular gas per gallon in Nothern Virginia:

  • Alexandria: $4.30
  • Arlington: $4.29
  • Fairfax: $4.29
  • Loudoun County: $4.25
  • Manassas City: $4.19
  • Prince William County: $4.29
  • Stafford County: $4.22
  • Fauquier County: $4.23

All Americans should expect gas to continue rising even higher as the conflict in Ukraine drags on. Things will only get worse at the pump unless the Biden administration opens up American pipelines like the Keystone XL. But don’t hold your breath.

10 Responses

  1. I’m using motorcycle to do what i have to do as much as possible and driving cars as little as possible. Going to buy electric car within the next year or two and big oil can kiss my asss.

      1. Electric cars are powered by China built batteries that get nickel from Russia to build them using biden to broker them so they will pay hunter for doing nuthin !

  2. The fact that Biden and Harris agrees that “now is the moment” to push the green policy, we are all screwed. The china belt and road initiative is working. We as American’s are now going to pay for a “green movement” that has no true relief but more buying from communist china of their solar panels and wind turbines. Really? Yes! Suck it up America, this is for your better! Meanwhile, china alone, has added more coal power plants than the world combined. Is anyone really shocked when they see what is really happening?

    1. I’m like you. When anybody says it for your own good, it is almost never good for me. I just paid $40,000.00 for solar panels, and my electric bill is creeping up. All this and scientist are still divided on if the climate change is our fault. If we correct our part of climate change and loose our way of life what have we accomplished. Without China, Russia and India doing their part, it’s all for nothing anyway.

      1. LOL, Fool I can get solar panels for a buck a watt easy? You deserve to be ripped off and don’t
        try to tell me you needed 40,000 watts.

  3. Less than 10 % of the oil we use comes from Russia. Most (60%) comes from here. And the rest mostly from Mexico and Canada. Big Oil is using the Ukraine war to pad their profits.

    1. It should be 100%. Even then it’s a market set price. I guess they don’t teach how markets work in schools any longer.

  4. Really, I do appreciate the great information in your dispatches; however, the gas prices in Virginia we already know. I only have one question… What are WE going to do about it aside from talking or reporting?

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