Ian Smith: Contemporary Society’s Death of Men


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The most fundamental and critical role of man at any point in world history has been to protect the people that he loves, cares, and supports. These tasks have evolved over time as mankind has. And such as the modern world has become, these tasks have become increasingly more complex.

Historically, life was mainly about survival. Protection, then, was a straightforward and mainly physical task—whether it was protection from the elements, providing sustenance, and fighting off other men who threatened your people. As mankind has advanced and organized as a species—from small groups and tribes to now sprawling civilizations of interdependent countries all over the globe—we, naturally, have made some tradeoffs along the way.

The comforts of civilization come at the exchange of ultimate freedom, liberty, and control of your life. In large part, that’s okay. Life outside the perimeter of society tends to be rough, unforgiving, and short. In order to provide those comforts, we organize power structures and hierarchies. And thus, with the technological and other advancements of society throughout the years, the hierarchical and power structures of man have grown quite powerful.

These power structures and hierarchies have always existed in some form or another, it is a part of the order of human life. These structures are natural, necessary, and beneficial, but nevertheless, need to be kept in check. Today, we know these structures as government, corporations, and special interest groups. These entities have always consisted of human beings and therefore will exhibit both the best and the worst aspects of human nature. At their best they provide safety, convenience, order, and the opportunity to progress. At their worst they can oppress, extort, manipulate, and can and will do anything to preserve their position of power.

I’m 34, and while I understand that’s not a whole lot of trips around the sun, it’s enough for me to have seen the world change quite a bit. It’s changed in plenty of beneficial ways, but I’m not here to talk about that today.

Today, I am here to discuss something—something I see as a critical issue of paramount importance in our society today—weakness, dependency, and an overall lack of men showing the fuck up when they are needed most.

Here’s the horrific catch: it is all by design. And what’s worse, is that we are sitting idly watching it happen. When I say ‘we’, I am speaking directly to men – fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, the protectors.

Strong and independent men who have the controlled and disciplined capacity for violence have always served to provide a system of checks and balances to the structures of power around them. What’s funny, or ironic, is a statement like this scares people today in our society. Mentioning violence as a means of protecting ones way of life makes a majority of people physically uncomfortable.

Even for this, I run the risk of winding up being tattled on by some soft-ass ultra-progressive individual and be labeled as a “radical,” or a “threat to society,” for even uttering the words violence and men in the same sentence. We as a society have been force-fed lies that men should be some sort of gentle, docile, and delicate creatures because the world is just one big happy place where nobody needs to use violence—or the threat of violence—as the answer. Living well within the confines of our first-world superpower, we’ve become unfamiliar with and estranged from violence. Our wars are fought by soldiers that we have very little connection to – as the media chooses not to showcase the horrors in which these brave warriors endure. The closest thing most of us get to violence is firing up the PlayStation or drinking some beers at the local bar watching UFC. Mainstream media won’t even display the violence associated with Antifa and the hi-jacked BLM riots in the streets – we’re told it’s mostly peaceful and shown selective clips designed to distance our minds from the idea that violence is a very real part of who we are as humans. 

But the truth is very different. Peaceful and orderly societies rely on the threat of violence to keep the peace—preemption and deterrence—and those inside the walls of that society, in turn, rely on the threat of violence to keep the system in check. Violence is embedded in the documents that this country was founded upon – we were given the Second Amendment to ensure our ability to fight, if there ever come a time when politicians get too big for their britches.

As one of my favorite authors, Jack Donovan, puts it, “[v]iolence is the final answer to the question, ‘Or else what?’” Flip through the pages of any history book and you will read about kings, leaders, and social elite being dragged from their thrones and manors into the streets and having their power stripped from them or throttled in some form or another. There is nothing new under the sun – we’ve just been fooled into thinking otherwise.

We are all okay with social hierarchies, it is the natural order of life. Their presence  provides all of us with the potential, power, and capability for individual and familial social mobility within the power structures and hierarchies—as long as the ones at the top play fair and abide by the same rules and laws as those on the lower ends.

However, when the system gets perverted, twisted, and exploited in favor of those at the top; and the powerful start to manipulate, extort, and abuse those below them, it is men who need to step up and say, “Enough.”

Look around you. Take a good, hard, and truthful glance at today’s social, political, and corporate landscapes. Ask yourself, what do you see?

I see weakness. I see weakness and dependency being taught, encouraged, and programmed by almost every major institution in this country. Alongside that, I see the simultaneous degradation of the structures that keep men strong and independent. 

The nuclear family has long served as the first place that boys are taught to be men, and over the past 50 years we’ve watched it fall apart more often than it stays together. Outside influences – like quick divorce proceedings, the decline of religion in the home, bloated welfare systems that encourage single parent households, and more – have made it easier than ever for families to split up. We see more single-parent households today than ever, and the majority of them are single-mother scenarios. As amazing and capable as women are, they cannot and will never be able to teach a boy how to be a man. The two-parent household is ideal for raising both boys and girls to become well-balanced men and women, with the influence of both a masculine and feminine figure. 

Call me crazy, but these outside influences are no accident. And with the absence of a father figure inside the home at all times, boys are typically left to their own devices to figure out what it means to be a man. 

Let’s look at the things that replace that second parent – media and music, social media, the internet, instant and easy access to pornography, our academic institutions. Children are being raised by all of these things in single-parents (and often dual-parent homes, where both parents are busy working) and the messages they are receiving are not building strong and independent adults. 

In our schools, hyperactive boys are told that there is something wrong with them. They are medicated with sedative drugs instead of allowed to flourish and explore the world – because it’s too difficult for the teachers to control them. Young boys who are aggressive are scolded and punished for the same character traits that would have been celebrated 100 or more years ago. No longer does our curriculum encourage boys to work with their hands – the closest thing they have to problem solving is a dulled down math problem. Violence and aggression in sports has all but been eradicated (with the exception of a few) and replaced with rule after rule making the game “safe”. Competition is strongly discouraged outside of sports, and even there we see the celebration mediocrity with awards for participation, mercy rules, and other weak ideas. Our children are now told that everyone is equal and that we’re all winners – no matter how much we suck, didn’t try hard enough, or failed to earn their keep – a staunchly Marxist philosophy. I ask, what do our boys learn from this?  

The days of learning about the great and complex history of their country and identity are long gone, children have been disconnected from their own history. That having a strong sense of identity and individualism is wrong. They must consider the feelings of others to the point of absurdity – leaving the ideas of identity and individualism irrelevant. They are taught however, globalist culture and sexual topics from an early age. Sex education – infused with overly sexualized concepts like anal sex, LGBT+, gender fluidity – keeps being introduced at younger and younger ages. Before the backlash of me being “intolerant” comes my way, let me clarify I could care less about anyone’s sexual preferences, gender identify, or anything of the sort, however I do take issue with undermining traditional values of sex being sacred and introducing sex to young men (and women) at an age where they should be learning more valuable lessons.  

Our boys are taught its not okay to not agree with the way some choose to live their life. They are told they must accept others, no matter how much it goes against their own personal beliefs and values. There is no room for personal and individual values in globalism, so the lie that if you don’t agree with someone you automatically hate them is told.

Most importantly, kids are taught to be victims – that if they fail its not their fault – and that because of that they are entitled to handout from the Government that will protect them and keep them safe. 

That’s just our secondary school systems. Our colleges and universities only make matters worse. These young adults – raised on pop culture garbage that promotes mindless consumerism – are separated from their parents and the message is intensified. Most of them wind up graduating with a degree in some obscure field that nobody cares about, with a mountain of debt, and a chip on their shoulder. Life skills? Nah. They’ve lived in 10×12 dorm rooms and crammed apartments survived off of cafeteria muck, Ramen, and local pizza shops for years. Having loan money thrown at them by eager lenders, subsidized with parents money, most of them graduate at 22 years old with little-to-no work experience either. These soft, weak men are now “ready to go take on the world”. 

Meanwhile, the rest of society and its major institution marches to the beat of the same drum. Every major corporation and power structure continues to preach the gospel of globalism. 

Men hear the echos of their evil nature everywhere.

“Don’t be too traditionally masculine – or you’re toxic. 

Don’t become too confident or strong – you’re intimidating people. 

Don’t be opinionated or speak your mind too much – you’re mansplaining and your opinion doesn’t matter. 

Don’t exclude women from activities – that’s sexist – even though men coming together and communicating and associating is a way for men to improve each other.  

Don’t have a strong identity linked to your race or heritage – that’s racist. 

Don’t compete or celebrate wins – you’re being mean to the losers. 

Don’t strive to be too financially successful – you’re greedy. 

Don’t do anything that will make you and your loved ones happy, because it might upset the delicate idea that we’re all winners and everyone is one big equal happy family.” 

If you disagree with that, you’re the problem. You’ll be shamed publicly for being too much of man. 

And this has continued for decades, slowly changing the essence of masculinity among all men – regardless of who they are. 

Have we truly forgotten what we’re made of? We are the nation of men who stood up to the world’s most powerful king and declared their independence by force, who built a country that spans from ocean to ocean with their bare hands against all odds, who stared the evils of Nazism right in the face and said “over my dead body”. 

Strong, independent men are a rarity these days. We’ve turned into a nation of beta-males who obey everything they hear the media spew, “yes” their wives and girlfriends death, and slowly isolate themselves from having a social circle of men who keep them on their toes. 

Most of you know me as one Governor Murphy’s favorite small business owners. My business partner and I reopened out gym against the oppressive, illogical, and science-less shutdown orders. When we reopened, we were met with the full force of government overstep and we opened knowing it was coming. And when they tried to shut us down, we refused, and we refuse to comply to this day. Today, we still run the risk of having to pay almost a million dollars in fines, imprisonment, and more. And guess what? We’re okay with that. It’s our duty to do this.

Why? Because it was the right thing to do. The power structure has been corrupted and we weren’t going to allow the life and liberties of ourselves and our loved ones be stripped away any longer. In the process, we’ve met a lot of other strong and independent men who are willing to risk their lives, livelihood, and name to stand up for what is right. My concern is that there is still not enough. 

Concluding this article with a call to action. Look around you. Look at the men in your social circle. Look in the mirror. Are you satisfied with your masculinity? Can you say that with confidence? Are you being the man your ancestors would be proud of? Or are you the weakest link to the long line of men in your heritage? 

Harden up. Embrace your nature as a protector. Familiarize yourself with violence. Be aggressive, if and when the time calls for it. Your loved ones, your community, and your country are counting on you.

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