INSANE: PM Trudeau Places National “Freeze” on Purchase, Transfer, or Importation of Handguns in Canada


trudeau announces freeze on handguns in canada
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Over Memorial Day weekend, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced new legislation which would place a national “freeze” on “handgun ownership” – described as the purchase, selling, transfer or importation of handguns in Canada.

“We are capping the market for handguns”, Trudeau announced before an applauding group of gun-control activists. 

The legislation will also place other restrictions on firearm ownership. Canada will be increasing maximum criminal penalties and providing “more tools” for law enforcement to crackdown on gun smuggling. 


Canada is also mandating the permanent alteration of rifle magazines, stating they can hold a maximum of five rounds of ammunition.   

“These are actions that doctors, experts and chiefs of police have been calling for, for years. And we are acting on their advice.” 

Canada is known for having significant firearm ownership restrictions, especially when compared to its southern neighbor. All handguns must be registered with the federal government, along with certain rifles and shotguns. Handgun capacity is limited to ten rounds. Concealed carry is almost never allowed, except for the case of law enforcement officers.

The full May 30th address from PM Justin Trudeau is available here on CPAC.CA.

2 Responses

  1. Trudeau is a Communist. Canadians knew it but they voted for him anyway. What did they think, the Leopard would change it’s spots? Pay attention. Votes have repercussions. When you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind. I immigrated yeas ago when I saw this coming with his father Pierre.

  2. So it would seem that democrats would be right at home in Canada.
    Let’s call for mass migration and they can have their country and we can have ours.Stan C Alor

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