INSANE Video Shows Border Patrol OPENING Gate For Migrants


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is reportedly “furious” after seeing a clip of border agents opening a gate for a group of illegal immigrants.

In a series of clips, captured by Fox News’ Southern border drone, the migrant group was initially denied entry from the National Guard based on Texas’ new policy that keeps gates closed. Typically, migrants at the border are processed inside the gate.

Border Patrol must have missed Governor Abbott’s statewide memo.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to the video showing Border Patrol agents opening the gate after the National Guard had locked it, saying, “Unbelievable.”

“While Texas secures the border, the federal government is enabling illegal immigration,” he added. “Biden’s open border policies caused this crisis.”

Abbott suggested the federal government start doing its job and begin fixing the problem.

Illegal border crossings have reached a record-high under Joe Biden.

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  1. So arrest and prosecute the federal employees breaking the law. They can try the Nuremberg defense. The bottom line is THEY are the ones breaking the law and it doesn’t matter if they are being ordered by their superiors to do so.

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