INTERVIEW: Arielle Scarcella, the Viral LGBT YouTuber Ditching Leftist Ideology


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YouTuber and LGBT activist Arielle Scarcella had enough and needed to put her foot down. To do that she had to step out of her comfort zone and proudly declare she was leaving the left. This isn’t the first time Scarcella has taken the left to task, but it is the first time she has done it so bluntly and stated plainly she is exiting the left completely, now referring to herself as “politically homeless.”

Her exit announcement, a February 21st YouTube video entitled “I’m A Lesbian Woman & I’m Leaving The INSANE ‘Progressive’ Left” has garnered 303k views, 28k likes and 852 dislikes since the publishing of this article. In her political “coming out” video, she delineates point-by-point why she does not feel like the left or liberal political ideology matches her own:

“Hi. I’m Arielle. I’m a lesbian and I don’t think gender is a social construct,” she says, “I don’t think cis-straight-white-men are evil. I don’t believe genital preferences are transphobic or that there are 97 genders. I don’t think that male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons. I don’t think it’s normal for people to be praised for walking around with shirts that say ‘Kill TERFS’. I don’t think like these people and I no longer want to be associated with them.”

As soon as she posted it to social media, especially Twitter, it attracted a lot of interest. The tweet of her video has since gotten 14.5k retweets, 46.9k likes, and 4.4k comments. She has appeared on Tim Pool’s podcast, Louder with Crowder, and has retweeted/interviewed by countless conservative and right-leaning personalities such as Lauren Chen, Dave Rubin, Blaire White, and Rita Panahi.

Even non-conservative or politically ambiguous personalities are taking notice: “Representation matters and this type of thing is happening more and more on the left. When progressives feel abandoned, it’s time to take a serious look,” said Dr. Victoria Hartmann, an author, educator, and executive director of the Erotic Museum in Las Vegas, NV, in a comment when she retweeted Scarcella’s video.

While she has gotten some backlash from the very leftists she is escaping, she has stated most of the comments are praise-filled and congratulatory. When asked about any condemnation, she says she has not been hounded “more than I’ve already been harassed in the past. It’s stayed the same.”

While her viral video has certainly gotten a lot more fans than before, there is more to Arielle than that one video. A content creator for well over a decade, she has dedicated that time to championing LGBT rights. When she first started, she catered especially to the younger crowd to help ease their transition into the LGBT community. 

“I used to draw in an audience of VERY young teens who were just discovering who they were. Today, those young teens tend to hate what I stand for. Now my target audience is a bit older, more logical LGBT people,” she said when asked to categorize her content and how it is has changed over time.

Another thing that has evolved over time is not just her content but her view on the left; it didn’t just happen overnight, although it did happen rapidly. Scarcella says she started questioning the leftist agenda and that it took “6 months after I knew for sure” that she wanted to disassociate herself.

“Once I saw people saying genital ‘preferences,’ I knew they were starting to control and manipulate the conversation around LGBT rights and culture. It was a more rapid progression for sure. [It] only took about 4 years to take full control of the way people view us as a whole. It started out that we just wanted equal rights. We wanted to get married, be able to have kids, not be fired for being LGBT, etc. At this point, the far ‘woke’ left has deemed anyone a TERF, transphobe, or bigot for not completely agreeing with their ideology,” she said.

In her video, she notes that a lot of the older, veteran LGBT activists are being ignored and disrespected in favor of more “woke” or politically and culturally trendy ideologies. One such trailblazing entity is Arielle’s friend and LGBT ally, Buck Angel, a human rights activist, innovator, and co-owner of Pride Wellness Cannabis Company

Scarcella says she has only lost a few friends, but that “actual” friends have stuck around and “most…completely agreed with me.” She has not had any family members condemn her actions and has found, “more than anything, it’s fellow creators/influencers who unfollowed” her social media, she said, stating she thinks they don’t “want to be associated [with her] because of fear of being cancelled as well.”

At the end of the day, the 10-year veteran of LGBT rights and lifestyle content creation on YouTube says that she had thought about leaving the left for years but “I just never said it out loud.” Now that she has, she feels a weight has been lifted but she isn’t done fighting.

“I wish I followed politics more than I do. But there is currently already so much work to be done in the LGBT community, culture-wise, that I have my work cut out for me,” she said. To view Arielle Scarcella’s content, her YouTube page can be found here and her Twitter account here

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