Be Like Zion: Rookie Pays All Salaries for 30 Days at Smoothie King Center


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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Americans have a responsibility to support each other during times of crisis. Coronavirus is affecting our nation in ways we could not have predicted months ago. The fundamental gears of the economy are grinding to a halt. Waitresses are being sent home without tips. Arena workers cannot work due to a suspended sports season. Small businesses are laying-off staff due to not being able to make payroll.

Zion Williamson is a 19-year-old rookie forward for the New Orleans Pelicans. Due to the virus, the NBA suspended their season until further notice. Williamson announced on Instagram he would pay every salary of every employee of the Smoothie King Center arena for 30 days. He said:

“I am pledging to cover the salaries for all of those Smoothie King Center workers for the next 30 days . . . This is a small way for me to express my support and appreciation for these wonderful people who have been so great to me and my teammates and hopefully we can all join together to relieve some of the stress and hardship caused by this national health crisis.”

Zion saw a need in his sphere of influence and used his resources to make a tangible, immediate difference. If a rookie 19-year-old can make this swift, impactful decision, there are many more who can help. A national crisis gives the wealthy in a capitalist system an opportunity to express benevolence and generosity. If you can use your abundant resources to save a family, worker or employee in this unprecedented time, do it. America needs its wealthy and leadership class to rise to the occasion. This could be our nation’s greatest hour.

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