Is THIS the Pope’s WOKEST Statement Yet?


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Continuing a papal trip across the world, Pope Francis addressed the youth of Europe with a letter and encouraged them to “eat less meat” in an effort to help combat “climate change.” The pope was in Madagascar this week when the letter was published and addressed to the European Union Youth Conference.

“There is an urgent need to reduce the consumption not only of fossil fuels, but also of so many superfluous things,” the pope said to the EU Youth Conference. Pope Francis continued: “In certain areas of the world, it would be appropriate to consume less meat. This can help save the environment.” 

Ironically, the Pope’s statements come as European farmers protest woke climate hysteria policies aimed at shutting down the farm-to-table meat industry and reducing fertilizer usage. Mass protests have broken out in countries such as the Netherlands, where Dutch farmers have even been fired on by police.

The conference is held annually in Europe to help promote dialogue between different religions, regions, and ethnicities. Policy decision-makers and researchers are among some of the many attendees who attend the conference every year.

“Don’t let yourselves be seduced by the sirens of those that propose a life luxury, reserved for a small slice of the world,” the pope continued. 

The Conference occurs under the President of the EU, which rotates yearly. 

The pope also said that the planet’s future is in the hands of the young people, adding, “you can reverse the current path of environmental self-destruction.”

“If you do not succeed in turning this self-destruction trend around, it will be difficult for others to do so in the future,” Pope Francis warned. In his letter to the Youth, he encouraged them to read Laudato si’ and to live a life of austerity.

11 Responses

  1. The Pope is inconsistent or these matters as well as the church he is supposed to lead. He is inconsistent on abortion and giving communion. He is very political in administering the church and should but out of sovereign matters unless it is tied into religion. As a practicing catholic he should retire and hopefully a more “religious Pope can be elected.

  2. The Pope should stay out of all politics and concentrate on bringing back all those who have strayed from the church,then
    he will be accomplishing something, after all he is the leader of the Flock.

  3. These climate change fanatics want us to believe the universe is millions of years old but we must believe that all this “warming “ is first time ever when they have records that only go back a few hundred years. It never occurs to them that over those millions of years the earth has gone through many warming and cooling cycles.

  4. Well, the climate has nothing to do with our gastronomical enjoyment, in my opinion. For those of you who were not afforded, in the third grade, the elementary facts of science, the world turns on its axis very slowly toward the sun which results in the warming. I was recently forced to cut out soda, alcohol and meat because of gout. It is recommended by doctors and nutritionists that we limit our intake of red meat, alcohol and sugar for our personal health, not climate.

    Perhaps, the Pope would prefer we begin domesticating cattle for pets. We would be forced to sleep in the barn because there’s no way Bessie could sleep our bed. And, there is no “duty” box large enough to contain a fraction of her output or air spray strong enough to eliminate the odor. I just think the man is outspoken on every subject of dissension except those for which he is responsible in his Church.

  5. At one time “no meat ” on Friday was the Catholic Church’s rule.In the 1960s I found the Phillippines and other Asian countries were exempt from this dictum as little meat was available and could be eaten whenever even on Fridays. The Pope should stay out of secular materials, including the phony climate change is man made since Mother Nature is in God’s good hands.

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