January 6 Committee Tracking Down and Incriminating GOP Donors


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According to the Washington Post, the January 6 committee of Congress is now planning to track every dollar raised using election fraud as a fundraising plea.

The committee will be tracking average, small-dollar conservative donors in an effort to “scrutinize whether the Trump campaign, its affiliated super PACs, the Republican National Committee and protest organizers knowingly used false claims that the election was stolen to dupe donors and raise large sums of cash.”

Throughout the January 6 witchhunt, the committee has accomplished next to nothing, despite possibly ending the career of Liz Cheney in the Republican Party.

Still, they have been continuing to waste taxpayer dollars in their unpopular pledge to punish Trump and his allies. Now, they’re going as far as tracking down individual GOP donors who chipped into causes aimed at uncovering fraud. Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post article:

“It [the 1/6 committee] has also been focused on another part of its inquiry that panel members said is of equal importance to the success of the investigation — tracing every dollar that was raised and spent on false claims that the election was stolen.

Specifically, the panel has focused on whether violations of federal wire fraud laws occurred when individuals raised funds by promoting the idea that the election was stolen while knowing the claims were false.

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist responded to the absurdity of the Democrats’ newest witchhunt:

I”f claiming elections were stolen were a crime, the entire Democrat Party and much of the media establishment would be in prison. After all, the last time the Democrats completely accepted a presidential election they lost was 1988.

But what the Democrats on the J6 Committee are doing is far worse than mere hypocrisy. This is not about how they always do what they then claim is beyond the pale when Republicans do something similar.

3 Responses

  1. I really dont understand why this woman (Pelosi) is allowed to get away with all the stuff she’s doing !
    Why the Republican party sitting back and letting them DESTROY OUR COUNTRY If she really want people in jail why dont they go after all the people that did yhe RIOTS and BURNED, KILLED, DESTROYED EVERYTHING O WAIT THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONES PAYED THEM TO DO IT !!!!!!

  2. That whole debacle which, except for Trump supporters, hurt no one, found no arms among the so-called “rioters”. The most rioting seemed to be encouraged, pushed by a few of the terrorists from the year of arson, destruction, robbery that was allowed and looked on favorably or at least mutely by all democrats and agents of our once-vaunted FBI!! Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. But Americans are in jail with no bail and no speedy hearing, etc. It’s an outrage and hopefully, will be at least remarked on as shameful behavior done by politicians in America by History!

  3. Thanks to Mollie Hemingway for stating the obvious! She is one of the last real journalists out there and I for one appreciate her work.

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