Junior Goldman Sachs Associates Cry ‘Inhumane’ Working Conditions


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Junior bankers at Goldman Sachs have been decrying “Inhumane working conditions” following the leaking of a presentation online this past week. The presentation which was presented as an internal survey shows that junior banking analysts claimed that they’ve been working long hours, sometimes 95 hours a week, and only sleep a few hours a night. 

The report was leaked earlier this week online and spread around Twitter and other platforms.  The survey asks a variety of questions including how many hours an associate sleeps, the number of hours an associate works, and how their mental health has been since starting their job at Goldman Sachs. 

Many of the associates reacted negatively to the questions, with the worst being the mental health score of associates.

The question of the mental health slide states the question as follows: “1st-year analysis. Report that the stresses of mental health, have been detrimental to both their physical and mental health:”

In the sleep and work hours category of the survey, the average amount of sleep on a normal weekday is 5 hours, starting at 3 am, and the average number of working hours for the week before the survey is 105 hours. 

The survey also reveals that most workers are unsatisfied with their jobs and responsibilities.

In total, the company pitched the survey to thirteen associates who have been with Goldman Sachs for a little over a year.

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