President Trump: The Art of the Steal


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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As Andrew Breitbart famously stated, culture is upstream from politics. Change the public’s perception to something more rational, and more people will believe it.

“I go to work, every day, for the American people.” President Donald J. Trump

President Trump was fond of referring to himself as the world’s best dealmaker in business. He often would refer to the government as a business. He is right. The government’s main product for domestic distribution and international export is the dollar’s inflation. That’s big business. 

Trump since his early age has branded himself this way. He, literally, wrote the original book on how to negotiate, The Art of the Deal. One of the main negotiating tactics described, a common theme in negotiations, is sometimes called the “anchor.” In short, this is an extreme proposition used to anchor the opposing side’s subconscious. This move makes what the setter of the anchor actually wants, seem reasonable when asked. They never wanted the anchor to begin with…anchors stop things from moving. 

A good negotiator leads off. A great negotiator is patient and prepared, well in advance. The Supreme Art of War is to subdue your enemy without fighting—and American politics is a two-sided battle. 

Bear with me. 

Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell made extreme and wild claims of the election. From there, the internet and media did their thing. What a wild post-election whirlwind it was. “Wild conspiracy theories” abounded.. L. Lin Wood, a lone wolf, made Dominion claims on Twitter—but not in his legal filings in Georgia. There, he argued constitutional claims

Post-inauguration, President Trump spoke at CPAC. One change I noticed from the usual fraud pitch was there was no longer any mention of Dominion. Trump discussed how Democrats stole the election by altering laws unconstitutionally. That is, laws illegally altered by the government. In short, Trump stated those governments broke the supreme Law of the Land. 

In business law, when unjust enrichment occurs, a court orders defendant to pay damages because of “unlawful gains.” When someone is guilty of “fraudulent conveyance,” (things gained through fraud), the thing is given back. In tax law, when the IRS believes you have unpaid taxes, it uses the courts. This last example is slightly different. It is the government using the courts to take something from you which they believe is rightfully the governments. Government usually wins.

Democrats used the courts and executive branches to change what state legislatures legally and constitutionally prescribed. Now, many scholars and media are, finally, writing about the unconstitutional changes. Ironically, Pelosi is currently engaging in stealing a GOP House seat in broad daylight. It is a wonder what Democrats pull in the middle of the night!

Since CPAC, the media, like Biden, fell for the trap. Now there are two sides to the constitutionality of the election, everywhere. Lo’ and behold, the anchor has been lifted. A great negotiator is never upset about getting what they want. Especially, if they seemed a little ‘crazy’ at first. All part of the plan.

With Biden and his Administration breaking promises left and right and doing pretty much everything Trump said they would do in their pursuit of one-party rule—Trump’s now focused pitch of an unconstitutional, stolen election seems like a rational and logical consequence of the Democrats’ conduct. 

If the law does not uphold other ill-gotten gains, what makes a national election any different? As Andrew Breitbart famously stated, culture is upstream from politics. Change the public’s perception to something more rational, and more people will believe it. Because it makes sense. When the people with the real power change their mind about something; that’s when the fun really begins.

The best is yet to come.

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