Key Global Leaders SHRED Biden Admin for Persecuting Jan. 6 Capitol Protestors


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Other countries have begun taking public note of the growing list of human rights abuses committed by the Biden regime against American citizens.

On Monday, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov expressed concerns over the persecution of the patriots who participated in the January 6th protests at the U.S. Capitol (nearly 450 Americans have been arrested who traveled to Washington that day).

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Lavrov stated, “We have been monitoring with interest the persecution of those accused of the January 6 unrest…many things of interest are happening there, including from the standpoint of human rights, the right of the opposition[to protest], and the protection of the opposition’s interests.”

On Tuesday, meanwhile, one of the two largest British newspapers, Daily Mail – not normally a conservative leaning outlet – published reports from multiple confirmed sources that the pro-Trump protesters being held in a Washington prison in connection with the January 6th events are being beaten by guards, verbally abused, and, according to official court documents, kept in solitary confinement for 23-24 hours a day in cells the size of closets.  

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The paper notes that one prisoner may lose an eye and has had his jaw wired shut after being assaulted by a guard.  The inmates who are still relatively healthy are being given nearly inedible food and are deteriorating physically.  

The DC Department of Corrections, according to The Daily Mail, “didn’t respond to multiple calls and emails” requesting information on the condition and treatment of the protesters.  

The international concerns over the situation come on the heels of multiple FBI raids targeting Biden’s political opponents, such as the one recently conducted against former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and revelations that the U.S. spied extensively on European allies during the Obama-Biden administration

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