LESTER: States are beginning to support infanticide


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In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that makes late-term abortion legal, even after the child is blatantly viable. In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo announced she is willing to sign a law that makes abortion legal, also after the baby is viable, in order to preserve the health of the mother. In Virginia, Kathy Tran tried introducing absurd legislation that would make post-labor abortion completely legal. Also, Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has publicly announced his support for late-term abortion, which is also known as obvious infanticide.

The recent legislation that has been introduced in these three states is horrifying, disgusting, and utterly nonsensical. First and second-trimester abortion is asinine enough, but third-trimester and post-labor abortion is sickening. As human-beings, we must acknowledge the scientific facts, evidence, and immorality of late-term abortion.

The science of basic embryology clearly establishes that from the start of conception, from the very moment an embryo is conceived from the sperm and eggs of another human-being, it’s a distinct, living human being that possesses intrinsic value. Within the first month of pregnancy, an unborn child’s heart beats for the first time. At eight weeks, a baby’s organs fully function. By ten weeks, an unborn baby can feel pain, and by the twelfth week, an unborn child can smile. It’s safe to say, by the third-trimester of pregnancy, an unborn child is certainly a distinct, living human-being.

As a human-being, you need to consider the following assumption: It is wrong to kill another human-being. Murdering another human-being is immoral, ignorant, and illegal. It’s quite obvious that a baby who has a beating heart, functioning body and is able to feel pain, in his or her third-trimester of life is a human-being; Furthermore, a baby who has traveled through the birth canal is also a human-being. Although the states can make late-term abortion governmentally legal, it’s still a sheer violation of the universal law of morality.

With scientific proof, thorough amounts of evidence and basic human-reasoning, it’s easy to state that late-term abortion is unjustifiable beyond measure. Third-trimester and post-labor abortion is literally a life-or-death situation. We must stop denying these two indisputable facts: Late-term abortion is immoral, and it is the willful killing of an innocent, unborn child.

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