Liberal Fox News Guest Stole $224K From Mother, Forced Her Into Nursing Home


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A former regular visitor on Fox News has been charged with stealing over $224,000 from her mother in a full-blown elderly abuse scheme, also unnecessarily forcing her into nursing home facilities on multiple occasions.

ABC News reports:

Cathy Areu, who provided a liberal perspective on several shows, faces numerous felony charges including kidnapping, exploitation of the elderly and organized scheme to defraud. Miami-Dade County prosecutors say she falsified documents to take control of her mother’s home, took money from her mother’s reverse mortgage and savings account, and took out credit cards in her mother’s name and then used them for her own benefit.

“Every incident of alleged elder exploitation or abuse touches our heart and never fails to shock us. It seems particularly harder to understand when the alleged perpetrator of the exploitation is a daughter, or a son or another blood relative,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a statement.

According to Areu’s Fox News profile, she is a former contributing editor for the Washington Post Magazine, where she conducted political interviews from 2001 to 2012, and in 2001 founded the magazine Catalina. It sought to “break stereotypes and show a positive side of the U.S. Hispanic community.” She also hosted the “Liberal Sherpa” podcast. Fox took down Areu’s profile after her arrest became widely known.

In 2018, Areu, 51, was a regular unpaid guest on conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s show and appeared on other Fox News shows. In 2020, she sued the network, Carlson, Sean Hannity and others, claiming sexual harassment, but a judge dismissed the suit the following year.

Details of Areu’s arrest were not immediately made public, but prosecutors claim she had been evading authorities since June of 2022, spending time in Mexico. They also released harrowing details about Areu’s abusive actions against her mother.

Prosecutors say Areu revoked power of attorney twice to put her mother into nursing homes. The first time, they say Areu tricked her mother into believing she was being taken to have ice cream with her granddaughters but was instead taken to a nursing home where she didn’t belong.

When Areu’s mother tried to call a friend for help, Areu told the staff not to let her use the phone or see visitors.

After doctors and officials found Areu’s mother competent to make her own decisions and released her to go home, prosecutors say Areu and another person dragged her from the house and took her to another facility.

Again, the woman was released after she was found competent and asked to go home.

Areu is being held without bond in the Miami-Dade county jail, according to the Daily Mail

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8 Responses

  1. Liberal swindling at any level has become common…..Preaching as hypocrites do, it Do as I say and not as I do……Condoning lie, cheat and steal, running the country into the ground and looking for low hanging fruit has become the modus for the left…..Accepting political gifts from Con artist knowingly and using legal shenanigans to avoid returning the money they accepted….In the case of BT-F, abusing the FBI to grab hm and put him in a Bermuda cell to keep him from testifying is this admis way of creating their own witness protection from the witness…..Areus is no surprise but this is a confirmation of the above stated…….

  2. I never liked her snippy, silly comments and could not understand how such an anencephalic female was invited to do so. Her mother must be heartbroken. Such an evil daughter should be in solitary confinement for life!

    1. This is become a problem with me with Fox News. I have been disappointed with them for putting such imbeciles like her and Stacey Abrams, Juan Williams, Harold Ford, Jr., and plenty of other liberals on their shows to give the viewers another view. I DON’T WANT ANOTHER VIEW FROM A LIBERAL. EVER!!!! If I did, I could watch CNN, MSNBC, or other legacy media. I choose not to do that for a reason. I mute these contributors every time they open their mouths and it seems that Fox continues to force these morons on us. I am almost at the point to limit my time on the network.

    2. I haven’t seen her on Fox for a long time, but, I could not stand her. What a horrible list of acts! It would be awful to think that your child could treat you like that. I hope her mother can find some peace. God bless her.

  3. Why is there no photos of this “poor excuse for a human being”? If this was a conservative, there would be a photo between each paragraph of the story! This ?person? should be “perp walked” for the public to see; her photo should be plastered all over the Internet. Elder abuse is a minimal charge for these crimes!

    1. because you and very few real american republicans just sit by and let the nazi democrats do what they want….when was the last time you emailed or called or text you senators and reps…..and done it on a weekly basis since slick willie clinton was in the white house….because that is when the nazi democrats and the nazi democrat voters started this insanity….so…answer those questions…..and you will get the real answer of why this mess is going on….i still love to call, email, text, and even mail by post to my senators and reps but all they say is….not many are doing what i am doing….

  4. Oh my gosh, to do what this woman did to her mother!!!! Who does that???? Shame on this evil woman and I hope she gets some jail time for her evil deeds against her own mother.

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