Lockdowns UPENDED: Pennsylvania Voters Turn the Table on Maniac Governor


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In an underreported move last week, Pennsylvania voters rebuked their shutdown-happy governor, Democrat Tom Wolf.

Two amendments to the state constitution severely limiting the governor’s power were passed by the electorate.  The first allows the Pennsylvania assembly (which is heavily Republican) to terminate a governor’s emergency declaration without the governor’s signature.

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The second limits an emergency declaration to just 21 days, unless the legislature votes to extend it.

In July of 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which is dominated by left-leaning justices, had voided a resolution by the legislature to terminate the state of emergency declared by Wolf, which he had used to dictate some of America’s most severe Covid-related lockdowns and mask mandates. 

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  1. We need Biden and his administration out of the Whitehouse,no more masks, especially on our children while at school,it’s heartbreaking and will cause heath, mental, and emotional issues as we feel helpless already seeing it take a toll, our borders God have mercy and my goodness,we need to stand with Isreal, this whole system is out of whack considering Trump’s presidency was taken from him, this whole bunch is running America off a cliff, I could go on but I’m so tired mentally and emotionally, thank you for hearing my voice.

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