Loony Loudoun County Principal Threatens Maskless Kids with Trespassing Charges (AUDIO)


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Loudoun County, Virginia has served as ground zero for the fierce education battle in America since the onset of the pandemic in a plot pitting wildly liberal administrators against angry parents the federal government considers “domestic terrorists.”

Parents’ rights were even the major wedge issue that turned the tide in the 2021 election of newly-inaugurated Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin. But even despite the state’s loud condemnation of radical left-wing policies in schools and Youngkin’s anti-mask orders, powerful scholastic liberals have doubled down on their efforts to force children to wear masks in classrooms.

This adamant power-hungry need to mask children with mere cloths has been totally debunked as an effective way to stop COVID, but that has not stopped these “liberal” tyrants from demanding child abuse. It has only fueled their insanity.

Earlier this week, Daily Caller education reporter Chrissy Clark posted audio to Twitter of a Loudoun County elementary school assistant principal threatening children with trespassing charges if they are spotted on campus without a mask.

In the state of Virginia, according to Clark, trespassing is a class I misdemeanor charge. The threat was made in a call with school parents.


2 Responses

  1. I guess some courageous parents are going to have to call her on this. I doubt she has the authority to charge anyone with trespassing who is authorized – even required – to be on the school campus.

    More importantly, Loudoun County is going to have to flush its school board just like all of us have to flush the state legislature of its ideocratic authoritarians.

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