MAGA BEWARE: PA Senate Candidate Praises Marxist Lt. Gov, Donates To Dems


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Last week, millions of viewers watching Tucker Carlson were introduced to former Pennsylvania Lt. Governor candidate Jeff Bartos as a candidate for the Senate seat being left vacant by the notoriously anti-Trump Pat Toomey, who has decided to not seek re-election in 2022.

Bartos talked the talk and presented himself as a MAGA-centric candidate for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, a state where Republicans need to retain control if they have any hopes of regaining the Senate and restraining the radical actions of the Biden administration.

However, Bartos is closely aligned with and longtime personal friends with Marxist Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman, who has helped PA Governor Tom Wolf enact some of the most draconian pandemic lockdowns in the United States of America. Now, some might say that it isn’t a red-flag to be friends with someone of a different political ideology, and that is 100% correct.

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But what Fetterman and Bartos share isn’t just a simple friendship. According to The Philadelphia Citizen, Bartos has spent the two years since he lost to Fetterman in 2018 praising the Lt. Governor, even as Fetterman’s policies have destroyed thousands of businesses in Pennsylvania and allowed Rachel Levine, the former state health director and presumptive Assistant Secretary of Health if confirmed by the Senate, push her radical transgender policies on the children of Pennsylvania.

You might also remember her from news reports when she snuck her mother out of a nursing home, before enacting Cuomo-style nursing home rules preventing residents from leaving.

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Both Fetterman and Levine are avowed social and political Marxists. Levine supports hormonal blockers and transgender surgeries for children as young as three years of age, something Kentucky Senator Rand Paul roasted her about during one of her confirmation hearings last week. Fetterman has gone on record stating that challenging election results is “illegal” and not constitutionally protected free speech, which of course is incorrect.

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When hosting Fetterman and his wife for dinner, the Bartos clan said this. 

“They’re lovely. Why don’t we meet more people like them in politics?”—and their kids have gotten to know one another.

How could anyone who claims to be pro-Trump and America First want more people like anti-free speech Marxist John Fetterman in politics? These people are literally trying to destroy America and tear apart our constitution, but that hasn’t deterred alleged potential MAGA US Senate candidate Bartos from continuing what The Philadelphia Citizen calls a “political bromance.”

Just a few months before the 2020 election, their bromance continued during a zoom conference call hosted by The Philadelphia Citizen. 

As the two men made clear to 160 registered guests on Zoom, they share more than a bromance: They believe in each other’s work.

Again, on record, Bartos claiming to believe in the work of Fetterman, who was at that time the Number 2. in the state of Pennsylvania overseeing a disastrous and deadly lockdown.

While Bartos’ work in raising money through a non-profit to meet assist those in need with an influx of cash, how can we seriously trust his MAGA-bonafides when he continues to crush on radical Marxist John Fetterman?

Discovered this weekend? Bartos and his wife Sheryl have donated thousands of dollars to far-left Democrats over the years, according to campaign finance databases that track political donations.

This included a $1,000 donation to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, thousands of dollars to former far-left Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (a longtime Clinton ally), and even corrupt social justice weirdo Kenyatta Williams, a Philadelphia City Councilman charged with over 20 counts of corruption by federal law enforcement officials.

The crimes ranged from misusing charitable funds to pay-to-play schemes to fraudulent consulting fees and bonuses to his friends and family. 

Funneling money to well-known Pennsylvania Democrats is just the tip of the iceberg. Bartos has given thousands to anti-Trump Congressman like Carlos Curbelo of Miami and the late John McCain. He maxed out to Marco Rubio early on in 2015, signaling that he’s been an anti-Trumper for a while. Big checks from Bartos also flowed to Lindsey Graham and turncoat Pat Toomey, who Bartos is hoping to replace.

Keep an eye out Pennsylvania; Bartos hardly seems like the ‘America First’ candidate he claims to be.

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