MELTDOWN: Third Woman Accuses Cuomo, Brother Chris Finally Breaks Silence


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COVID-19 Emmy award-winning New York Governor Cuomo has recently been in the news for threats, several sexual harassment accusations, leading nearly 13,000 nursing home residents to their deaths, and attempting to cover-up all of it.

Cuomo is now being asked to resign from office, and his CNN anchor brother Chris has finally responded, after a long silence.

New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim claims that Governor Cuomo is “abusive” and “abuses” his power and the people he encounters. The Department of Justice asked for the records regarding the COVID-19 nursing home deaths in New York and Cuomo lied and underreported the numbers by the thousands.

He and his top staff defended their actions by claiming they did not want to give the former president a leg up when they “played politics.” Cuomo threatened to “ruin [Kim’s] career” if he did not issue a statement to cover up for his top aide, Melissa DeRosa.

Three women have now come forth to accuse the #BelieveSurvivors Governor of sexual harassment. The first to accuse him was Manhattan Borough presidential candidate and former aide Lindsey Boylan who has made claims of inappropriate and unsolicited touching and kissing. Charlotte Bennett was also a former aide and claims that the governor made several sexual advances toward her. Anna Rouch, who was a guest at a wedding that the governor was attending in 2019, claims that Cuomo touched her and asked for a kiss.

Cuomo responded to the accusations by saying he may have been too “playful” or spoke “too personal” with his aides but casted doubt on any wrong-doing on his behalf. Following the second accusation by Charlotte Bennett, Cuomo asked the state’s attorney general and chief appeals court judge to launch an investigation into the claims.

Some may wonder if the 2019 Reproductive Health Act, which Cuomo signed into law, is to “protect” New York’s women’s reproductive rights in the form of abortion after 24 weeks (which is the age of viability for a baby in the womb) or to protect abusive men in power from the consequences of their misdeeds.

With the whirlwind of scandals that have all come to light at about the same time, multiple Democratic state assemblypeople have called for Governor Cuomo’s resignation from office.

New York Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou tweeted:

“Our governor is a manipulative, controlling, abusive, power-obsessed, predator. Please resign.”

Several Democrat and Republican hopefuls are now eyeing a potentially open seat, and at the very least, a competitive gubernatorial race in the Empire state’s 2022 elections.

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