Mexico’s President is Waiting for the Electoral College, As All Americans Should


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Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, and many other mainstream media outlets called the 2020 Presidential Election Saturday, November 7th in favor of Vice President Joe Biden. Shortly thereafter, Republican congressmen and women conceded the seat of Presidency to Biden, as well.

Since then, social media has seen a flurry of posts congratulating Biden on his predicted win and Senator Kamala Harris for, by their reckoning, being the first woman to hold a Vice Presidential seat in the United States. People took to the streets celebrating the alleged victory and to jeer at the current sitting president, Donald Trump.

However, some organizations and individuals are holding back on announcing anyone as the 46th President of the United States because, by law, the media does not determine a winner of any election, the Electoral College does. The media’s purpose in elections is to cover the proceedings and outcomes.

Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has decided to wait for the legal issues and recounting to finish first in order to respect due process. President Obrador said during his regular morning news conference Monday morning, “We [the country of Mexico] cannot meddle in the politics of other countries. … We have to be respectful [of their legal election process].”

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