Michigan Ammo Store Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” 50-Caliber Casings


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A Novi-based ammo store, Fenix Ammunition, has released a $25 .50-caliber casing with “Let’s Go Branson” etched into the side. Let’s Go Brandon has become a popular coded saying in America, meaning “F*** Joe Biden.” The company only made 150 rounds for limited-time sale. Here is what the casing looks like:

Fenix Ammunition’s CEO Justin Nazarof said to the Metro Times that the bullets, “previously fired brass cases,” can’t actually be used for gun fire. “It’s a collectible trinket,” he said.

When asked about potential backlash from the decision to sell the souvenir with political messaging, Nazarof had strong words for the Detroit Metro Times:

“I’m not a humorless loser, and it’s not my responsibility to be concerned about the opinions of ignorant people who spend too much time reading the Metro Times, cowering in their homes, awaiting their fifth booster shot.”

You might remember Fenix ammunition as the store that refused to allow masked patrons into its doors last year during Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s harsh mask mandates.

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