Minnesota Town Evicts Planned Parenthood Clinic Before It Opens


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Planned Parenthood intended to open a new clinic in Luverne, Minnesota, but its lease was terminated before it could open its doors. The facility was going to conduct telemedicine abortions at the location. Since Luverne is only 30 miles from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the location was strategic for the abortion provider. 

Travel restrictions put into place due to COVID-19 made it difficult for Planned Parenthood to send an abortionist from Minnesota to Sioux Falls, and state laws in South Dakota forbid telemedicine abortions. Sioux Falls also just so happens to be the only place in the state with an operating abortion business. 

The executive director of the Pro-Life Action Ministries, Brian Gibson, said that Planned Parenthood attempted to discretely set themselves up in a building that also houses a domestic violence non-profit. The group was not happy about sharing a space with the abortion corporation. Eventually, the owners of the building – Karen and Cary Radisewitz – terminated Planned Parenthood’s lease

Gibson warned pro-lifers not to celebrate too soon, saying that Planned Parenthood will likely “be scouring for another location to commit these abortions.” 

“State law prohibits telemed abortions in South Dakota, a reason for PPNCS attempting to open up shop in rural Minnesota,” Gibson said. “I would imagine there is a desire to keep the location within a reasonable driving distance to their Sioux Falls location. Please keep this all in prayer. And if you know people in the area, encourage them to keep a diligent lookout for this possibility in their town. It is far easier to stop Planned Parenthood from coming in than to get them out once established.”

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